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EOTDEnhanced Observed Time Difference
EOTDEnd of the Day
EOTDEnd of Train Device
EOTDEarly-Onset Torsion Dystonia
EOTDEyes of the Dragon (Stephen King novel)
EOTDEye of the Day (makeup)
EOTDEvolution of the Daleks (Doctor Who Episode)
EOTDElectronic Open Technical Dictionary
EOTDEducator of the Day (blog)
EOTDEmployee of the Day
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Like EOTD, UTDOA is also a hyperbolic multilateration positioning technique [31, 32].
(iii) Assistance Data: used by the SMLC to send EOTD or A-GPS assistance data to the MS.
In downlink hyperbolic multilateration methods, such as EOTD, the UE must detect the TOA of signals from at least four geographically dispersed cells.
To prevent this problem in UMTS, 3GPP has proposed OTDOA-IPDL, which is an adaptation of EOTD positioning to WCDMA networks [49, 50].