EOTTEye of the Tiger
EOTTEnd of Toll Trunking
EOTTEnron Oil Trading & Transportation
EOTTEyes on the Throne (music)
EOTTEnd of Train Telemetry (communications device)
EOTTEnd of the Text (programming)
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Residents of Midland, Texas, filed suit against EOTT in 2001, claiming that their well water was contaminated by oil from a pipeline leak.
In Eott Energy, the insured suffered a $1.5 million loss as the result of more than 650 thefts of diesel fuel from a petroleum processing plant over a period of nearly a year.
The court also distinguished its holding in Eott Energy, noting that "there was no evidence in this case of a conspiracy or a systematic and organized scheme, as there was in Eott." The court noted that although the thefts were similar, each was a completed crime that would support a separate count and a separate punishment in a criminal proceeding.
LP 43 42 EOTT Pipeline Limited Partnership 51 43 Olympic Pipe Line Co.
133,399 2 EOTT Pipeline Limited Partnership 117,349 3 Lakehead Pipe Line Co.
54 40 EOTT Pipeline 91,411 91,411 Limited Partnership 40 41 Seminole Pipeline 91,064 0 Co.
has announced that EOTT Energy Partners, LP has licensed to install Right Angle, an integrated front office to back office trade management solution in the liquid hydrocarbons industry.
47,019 47,019 64 60 EOTT Pipeline Limited Partnership 42,343 42,343 55 61 Cenex Pipeline Co.