EOVEnd Of Volume
EOVEmergency Operations Vehicle
EOVEnd of Vector
EOVEstimate of Value (real estate)
EOVElectrically Operated Valve
EOVEconomic Order Van
EOVEmployee-Owned Vehicle
EOVEnxebre Orde da Vieira (Madrid, Spain)
EOVEnd of Vacation
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The goal of the EOV is to show educators different aspects of the Navy," said Navy region west recruiting support coordinator Ship's Serviceman 1st Class Moises Hernandez.
Educators interested in attending an EOV can contact their local Navy recruiting district for more information.
Whether the EOV were a crucial influence or whether Rabelais simply saw in them what was already his own literary bent need not concern us; my only claim here is that study of the EOV can lead to greater appreciation of Rabelais the satirist.
Not just because Bude was a French Catholic, the EOV authors German with obvious pre-Reformation sympathies, and Folengo an Italian monk of Lutheran leanings, but because for each of them similar humanist preoccupations were expressed in astonishingly divergent literary forms.
Munich, 1991; 1020-18 on EOV, 155-68 on Eccius dedolatus.
Most of liberal intellectual Europe roared with laughter over the EOV (although Erasmus and some German humanists strongly disapproved of them; cf.
Did he still believe in 1534, as the EOV authors apparently did in 1515, that ridicule could be strong enough to triumph over stupidity and bigotry?
Eck in this farcical and surrealistic dialogue comes across as the same kind of gross buffoon as Ortwin in the EOV, whereas he was in fact a well-respected theologian involved in some of the crucial controversies of the time (see, most recently, Backus).
This was the EOV debut, and right away, it has been recognized.
Eight essential oils in an alcohol base make up the EOV fragrance.
The brainstorm for EOV came from a combination of repeat requests for the oils to be blended into Essence of Vali therapeutic products.
EOV and other Essence of Vali products can be found in spas, wellness centers, hotels and aromatherapy stores.