EOWPVTExpressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test
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When measured on the EOWPVT, students in the intervention also showed a statistically significant increase in expressive vocabulary scores as a result of intervention, t(76) = 7.
Three mixed model ANOVAs were conducted to identify interactions between heritage and response to intervention for KLST-2, ROWPVT, and EOWPVT scores for students in the intervention group.
During that year of implementing our vocabulary development plan, we collected fall and spring data on 50 treatment and 56 control children's language using the EOWPVT.
Se empleo la version en espanol de la EOWPVT, Expressive One Word Picture Test (Gardner, 1979), con la que se establecieron tres niveles de habilidad linguistica (vocabulario).
We estimated four models, one for each of the four measures of interest (PPVT-III standard scores, EOWPVT standard scores, RDRPVT, RDEPVT).
A more in-depth investigation of word-acquisition patterns on researcher-developed measures for the children who scored below the 15th percentile on pretest PPVT-III and EOWPVT (treatment = 48, comparison = 39) indicated that intervention students demonstrated greater growth in receptive word knowledge at posttest for the words that both intervention and comparison children had the least knowledge of at pretest.
Then, the investigator administered the EOWPVT and the PPVT-3, according to standard protocols for each test.
1 Range 87-122 87-124 88-121 87-127 EOWPVT M 102 104 101 103 SD 9.
Previous results indicated that although the children with LLA and TD children were not differentiated on the EOWPVT baseline, performance differences did exist on the CSSB baseline (see Pena & Quinn, 1997).
The pre-/posttest changes on the EOWPVT indicated moderate change for one child (pretest SS = 71; posttest SS = 83) and no change for one child (pretest SS = 71; posttest SS = 63).