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EP1Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace
EP1Early-Expressed Protein 1 (cellular protein)
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For example, in 2014-2015 the NordiQC program reported 0% to 54% "optimal" or "good" results for laboratories using 1D5, 37% to 61% with 6F11, 87% to 99% with SP1, and 49% to 88% with EP1 in surveys of up to 345 laboratories.
By means of a key derivation function, both EP1 and EP2 generate a ZRTP session key and Secure Real-Time Transfer protocol (SRTP) (Baugher et al.
Alem disso, ao avaliar os estratos populacionais, verificou-se um gradiente inverso nos ORaj, variando de 2,2 para o EP5, chegando a 17,3 para o EP1, frente a categoria de referencia (EP6).
Contrary to EP1 and EP3, activation of the EP2 and EP4 receptors is thought to be vasodilatory.
3) EPA controls EP1 and EP2 moving to loads of the highest urgency immediately, cooperating with the repair of the first level faults and ensuring restoration of power to the first level loads in the shortest time.
D'Souza, from the Delhi- based band, say, "The Underknowns EP1 is based on a usual day/ working week in the life of The Underknowns.
INDIE-ALT rockers The Great Curve released their debut EP last month ahead of their headline slot at this year's Evolution Emerging, EP1 was launched at a hugely successful gig in the Ouseburn Valley on April 11, before its official release two days later.
Strain Median MIC ([micro]g/ml) (range) Compound COL EP1 LOB ATCC43300 (16-32) 32 (8-16) 8 32 AQ004 (32-64) 32 (8-16) 16 64 AQ006 (32-128) 128 (16-32) 16 (64-128) 64 AQ007 (64-128) 128 (16-32) 32 64 AQ012 (32-128) 64 (8-32) 16 (64-128) 64 Strain Median MIC ([micro]g/ml) (range) Compound PER PRO ATCC43300 (8-32) 32 (8-16) 16 AQ004 (32-64) 32 (4-16) 16 AQ006 (8-32) 16 (32-64) 32 AQ007 (4-32) 16 32 AQ012 (8-32) 16 (16-32) 32 Table 5 In vitro interaction between clindamycin and secondary metabolites from lichens as determined by non-parametric FIC1 and the [DELTA]E model (a).
01 EP1 (10) requires a hospital to have "a written plan for managing the following: Hazardous Materials and Wastes.