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EP2Extracellular Protein 2
EP2Ectopic Pregnancy 2
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The effect of misoprostol on prostaglandin EP2 receptors is attributed to the prostaglandin EP3 receptor and prostaglandin EP4 receptors.
For analysis with EP2 + EP4 agonists, NTera2 cells (excluding vehicle) were first exposed to 10-[micro]M Butaprost (EP2 agonist; Abcam) plus 10-nM CAY10598 (EP4 agonist; Abcam) for 4 h before the medium was changed to the subsequent treatment as follows: EP2 + EP4 agonists, 10-[micro]M acetaminophen or the combination of 10-[micro]M acetaminophen + EP2 + EP4 agonists (Figure 1C) and cultured for a further 44 h (total duration of culture: 48 h).
By means of a key derivation function, both EP1 and EP2 generate a ZRTP session key and Secure Real-Time Transfer protocol (SRTP) (Baugher et al., 2004) keying material in the manner shown in Figure-2.
EP receptor-specific ligands (EP2 agonist butaprost (free acid), EP3 agonist sulprostone, and EP4 agonist L-902,688) were purchased from Cayman Chemical (Michigan, USA).
Among the four receptor subtypes, EP2 receptor activation was identified to link PGE2-induced MSC migration.
In some wells, a selective EP2 (PF-0,441,8948, Cayman Chemical, 1 [micro]M) or EP4 (L-161982, Cayman Chemical, 10 [micro]M) receptor antagonist was added to the primary cardiomyocyte culture medium.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Prostaglandin E2 Receptor EP2 Subtype (Prostanoid EP2 Receptor or PTGER2) - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides in depth analysis on Prostaglandin E2 Receptor EP2 Subtype (Prostanoid EP2 Receptor or PTGER2) targeted pipeline therapeutics.
The product line is compliant with EP2.9.19-Test IB and USP <788> (particles contamination); EP2.6.14 and USP <85> (bacterial endotoxins); and EP2.6.1 and USP <71> (sterility test).
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