EP2PEmbedded Peer-to-Peer System (computer communication protocol)
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The parallel evolutionary P2P networking technique, P-EP2P, divides all of nodes into multiple node groups and then applies the evolutionary P2P networking technique, EP2P, to each group.
In our two earlier studies [4, 5], we considered that EP2P or P-EP2P forces all node groups to simultaneously conduct collection of fitness values to network topologies from the nodes and evolutionary reconstruction of the network topologies based on the fitness values at the same time.
First, except our previous studies [4-6], there is only one study on the evolutionary P2P networking technique (EP2P) [12].
EP2P that used these two methods were shown to be better than EP2P that did not use them in terms of search failure rate as well as the speed of convergence to better network topologies for all nodes under the evaluation scenario that all nodes search the network for only one node, which is the same as "one node searching" scenario used in Sections 4 and 5, in static and dynamic environments.