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EP3Environmental Pollution Prevention Project (USAID)
EP3Extensible PERL Pre-Processor
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The effect of misoprostol on prostaglandin EP2 receptors is attributed to the prostaglandin EP3 receptor and prostaglandin EP4 receptors.
Caracteristicas taxonomicas de Ampelisca araucana Gallardo, 1963: cabeza (Ca), Pereopodo 7 (P7), placa epimeral 3 (Ep3, sombreado) y telson (T), segun Gallardo (1963).
Impaired febrile response in mice lacking the prostaglandin E receptor subtype EP3. Nature 395, 281-284.
Decreased photosynthesis in the erect panicle 3 (ep3) mutant of rice is associated with reduced stomatal conductance and attenuated guard cell development.
Alem disso, as eSF foram analisadas segundo estrato populacional [municipios com ate 20 mil habitantes (EP1), de 10.001 a 20mil (EP2), de 20.001 a 50mil (EP3), 50.001 a 100mil (EP4), 100.001 a 500mil (EP5), de 500.001 ou mais (EP6) e o estrato EP6#, que corresponde ao EP6, excluindose o MRJ)].
But Job Stauffer, at Telltale, has promised it's worth the wait, telling fans on Twitter it was a "big episode" and that "Clem has an Ep3 scene that literally broke me".
Prostaglandin E2 also reduces insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity through its binding to the EP3 receptor [9].
PG[E.sub.2] exerts its effects by four specific cell membrane-associated G protein-coupled receptors, termed EP1, EP2, EP3, and EP4, which differ in their signal transduction pathways [31].