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EP3Environmental Pollution Prevention Project (USAID)
EP3Extensible PERL Pre-Processor
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The EP3 is a completely new RBH in-ear monitor[IEM] built from the ground up," said Shane Rich, Technical Director and lead engineer at RBH Sound.
Released from 20,000 ft, the EP3 has a range of 36.
The Environmental Services and Purchasing and Contracting departments are implementing the program citywide by developing and distributing environmentally preferable products listings and resources, offering information and training aids, updating city bid documents to encourage the use of recycled and environmentally preferable products, providing annual reports to the mayor on EP3 implementation, and targeting major city purchasers, such as the Water and General Services departments, for the greatest impact.
Fragments that contained only EP4 reacted with approximately one-half of the tested sera, and those that contained only EP3 had no reactivity.
Nanofilm Technologies AG presented a seminar on the use of its Imaging Ellipsometry EP3 for the quality control of DNA and protein microarrays prior to high-throughput screening.
The most recent incident causing regional worries in connection with the rise of China was the EP3 spy plane incident with the United States in April 2001.
America insists the collision happened when Chinese jets flew too close to the EP3 surveillance plane.
He will offer a comprehensive evaluation of the "net-readiness" of legacy and future platforms - from EP3 to JSP to the draft E/10-A; and the capabilities of current airborne networks, including HF SIPRNET, JWICS, NCCT, and STRIKENET.
Made of a soft, durable hypoallergenic polymer, SureFire's EP3 sonic Defenders fit most ears comfortably, and offer the ability to hear ambient noise (non-electronically) yet shut off the sound of a gun report (up to 24 dB).
DG041 is the company's first-in-class antagonist of the EP3 receptor for prostaglandin E2, being developed as a next-generation oral anti-platelet therapy for preventing arterial thrombosis without increasing bleeding risk.
Kinematics and Dynamic Analysis for EP3 asymmetric pantograph mechanism used in railway electric traction with SAM 5.
Consumers who buy a new FNP-9 or FNP-40 pistol during the promotion period will receive Radians' Revelation shooting glasses and SureFire's EarPro EP3 Sonic Defenders ear plugs ($50 retail value) free.