EPACEuropean Particle Accelerator Conference
EPACEastern Pacific
EPACElectrically Power Assisted Cycle
EPACEthanol Producers and Consumers
EPACExchange Protein directly Activated by cAMP
EPACEmployee Performance and Conduct
EPACEmployee Political Action Committee (various organizations)
EPACEnhanced Perceptual Audio Coder (Lucent/Bell Labs)
EPACEverett Performing Arts Center (Everett, WA)
EPACEuropean Partners Against Corruption (EU)
EPACEnvironment Protection Advisory Committee (UK)
EPACEarly Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (Canada)
EPACEnvironment Policy Advisory Committee (various locations)
EPACEnvironmental Protection Administration of China
EPACEurope Pacific Asia and Canada (Dow Jones Index)
EPACEmergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
EPACEducational Psychology, Administration, and Counseling (California State University, Long Beach)
EPACExternal Program Advisory Committee
EPACElectronic Portfolio Action and Communications
EPACEnd Prior Approval Coalition
EPACElectronic Public Access Catalog
EPACEastern Plains Athletic Conference
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"ePac has been a great packaging partner for the past two years," says Elliott Freeman, Vice President of Marketing at Skratch Labs.
Focused primarily on food manufacturers and co-packers, ePac serves local, regional and national brands of all sizes with a service model geared to shipment of finished pouches in three weeks or less, and rollstock in under 10 business days.
IDEAM reported normal precipitation over western Colombia, an ITCZ trough axis that was located over the EPAC (6[degrees]-15[degrees]N), and scattered precipitation events over the northern and central Colombian Pacific coast (IDEAM 2016c).
"ePac is the first flexible packaging company designed from the ground up around a digital platform, so we can leverage it today, and grow with the power of digital," according to the company's website.
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PDE4 inhibitor, roflumilast protects cardiomyocytes against NO-induced apoptosis via activation of PKA and Epac dual pathways.
PowerShares' new portfolios apply a factor-based approach designed to generally correspond to the price and yield of the S&P 500 Momentum Index, the S&P 500 Enhanced Value Index, the S&P EPAC ex.
They describe the discovery of small molecule EPAC (exchange proteins directly activated by cAMP)-specific modulators by high-throughput screening; cyclic nucleotide analogs as pharmacological tools for studying signaling pathways; high-throughput FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) assays for fast time-dependent detection of cyclic AMP in pancreatic beta cells; assessing cyclic nucleotide recognition in cells; and monitoring cyclic nucleotides using genetically encoded fluorescent reporters.
A ativacao da Epac, nucleotideo regulado pelo AMPc, foi suficiente para prejudicar a sinalizacao de leptina com concomitante inducao da expressao de SOCS-3.