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EPAPExpiratory Positive Airway Pressure
EPAPEnvironmental Policy and Planning (California)
EPAPEquipment Purchase Assistance Program
EPAPEuropean Press Academic Publishing
EPAPEgyptian Pollution Abatement Project (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency)
EPAPEmployee Performance Appraisal Plan
EPAPEquator Principles Action Plan
EPAPEnhanced Production Audit Program (Canada)
EPAPEmergency Preparedness Action Plan (various organizations)
EPAPElectronic Patent Application Processing
EPAPEthics Policy Archive Project
EPAPEuropean Public Advisory Partners
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Signing the three agreements coincided with the signing of the technical agreements of these companies with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) with the aim of launching the third phase of the EPAP.
The HRV signal was recorded at rest (5 min), during 6MWT (5 min) with and without EPAP, and during post-test recovery period (5 min).
In patients with PTE, the correlations with the factors suggesting the severity of PTE and DECT quantitative values of [H.sub.LPBV], [V.sub.5] and %[V.sub.5] showed that %[V.sub.5] had the best correlations with ePAP (r=0.41; P = 0.03), RV diameter (r = 0.37; P < 0.001) and RV/LV diameter ratio (0.51; P < 0.001) (Table 4).
A BiPAP type ventilator (dry single-limb circuit, fixed expiratory port) was initially set in ST mode, IPAP 20 cm [H.sub.2]O and EPAP 5 cm [H.sub.2]O and later titrated to achieve TV of 500 mL in COPD patients [6].
Our experience suggests that a trial of NIV VAPS with either a fixed or autotitrating EPAP may be considered as a potential treatment option in obese children with severe OSA who fail CPAP therapy prior to considering tracheostomy, where appropriate institutional and family support are available.
She remained intubated for two days prior to being transitioned to NIPPV with IPAP of 14, EPAP of 7, and FiO2 of 30%.
[ClickPress, Fri Sep 25 2015] Anti-snoring Devices and Snoring Surgery Market by Device Type (MADs, TRD, Nasal Dilator, Chin Strap, Position Control, Pillows, TSD, EPAP), Surgical Procedure (UP3, LAUP, RFA, Sclerotherapy, Pillar, Others (Septoplasty, ESS)) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020
A marca oficial deste dia foi selecionada e desenvolvida pelo Instituto EPAP e o CEFAC--Saude e Educacao, bem como a elaboracao do manual de normas para o uso da logo.
The Ethanol Producers Association of the Philippines (Epap) said that although there had been an increase in the production of ethanol, the country's output remained below the annual demand.
A statement to the media of the Ethanol Producers Association of the Philippines (EPAP) has cited the gains of other countries in ethanol production - primarily Brazil, while also citing the gains that the domestic market had registered so far.