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EPASElectric Power Assisted Steering
EPASElectronic Power Assisted Steering
EPASEducational Planning and Assessment System (ACT, Inc.)
EPASÉchantillon Permanent des Assurés Sociaux (French: Permanent Sample of Socially Insured)
EPASEmployee Performance Appraisal System
EPASEnvironmental Performance Assessment System
EPASEnterprise Planning & Architecture Strategy
EPASEvidential Portable Alcohol System (law enforcement)
EPASEducational Policy and Standards
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"One of the most significant changes brought about by the implementation of LPAs rather than EPAs is that you can now make a separate LPA in relation to health and welfare decisions.
DG EPA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa briefed the caucus that the agency comprised only 40 members across the province.
EAC countries had jointly negotiated the EPAs until 2014 but some countries cited provisions which they argued could injure their local industries.
Centralised Group Funding: After repayment of the operating companies' debt from the Eurobond proceeds, EPas will complete the transition to a centralised group funding model.
At present, approximately 85% of vehicles in India are equipped with column mounted EPAS in their vehicles.
When pushed, the EU likes to point out the EPAs were the product of intense negotiations.
The main objective of DBAS is to reduce driver steering torque in the event of EPAS failure.
Numerous feedback control techniques have been applied to EPAS systems, ranging from traditional lead lag compensation to more advanced control techniques.
"The Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University is delighted to achieve EPAS accreditation for our MBA (Executive) programme.
Cameroon has accepted an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union on the dismantling of customs barriers, even though it told members of a regional bloc it would hold out for a better deal.
Upon completion of initial training, all GI fellows should be at Level 2 for all 13 EPAs.