EPASAEnvironmental Protection Agency for Special Areas (Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Ankara, Turkey)
EPASAEast Palo Alto Stanford Academy (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
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Las editoriales El Siglo & La Estrella y EPASA fueron durante la mayor parte del siglo XX empresas de familias de elite.
EPASA tiene sus antecedentes en el diario The Panama American, fundado por un australiano en 1925.
Los duenos de EPASA tienen una importante presencia en el sector de la construccion (Sandoval, 2010).
Phenology: Vegetative and reproductive phenodynamics were registered monthly from December 2007 to December 2008 in 80 individuals, respectively, 19 from INP, 38 from EPASA I and 23 from EPASA II.
Fecundity and seed predation: 15 mature fruits per individual were collected prior to opening (in July and August 2008) from a total of 19 individuals, respectively, five from INP, seven from EPASA I and seven from EPASA II.
Spokesperson Rogelio Orillac explained, "We are in the center of international maritime routes, and this is something very attractive for port operators and for international trade." [Sources: Deutche Presse-Agentur, 11/09/05; Spanish news service EFE, 03/21/06, 03/22/06; Agence France-Presse, 03/22/06; Inforpress Centroamericana, 04/07/06; ANSA, Notimex, 04/14/06; EPASA (Panama), 04/14/05, 04/18/06; Latin America News Digest (UK), 04/19/06]
"And so we have a disagreement that we will continue to discuss." [Sources: BBC Asia Africa Intelligence Wire, E-Once (Mexico), Tabasco Hoy (Mexico), 11/06/05; Associated Press, 11/06/05, 11/07/05; Agence France-Presse, Deutche-Presse Agentur, EPASA (Panama), Spanish news service EFE, 11/07/05; The Houston Chronicle, The New York Times, 11/08/05]
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He said to the nation, "I invite everyone to join in a new social pact against poverty, corruption and despair." Already working on his legacy, he said, "At the end of my term I want to be remembered as the president who was able to transform a country that was headed for disaster." [Sources: Central America Report, 03/05/04; Associated Press, 04/30/04; EPASA (Panama), 05/03/04; La Prensa (Panama), 05/04/04.]