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"We are committed to bringing the EPAT exam to global standards by making it accessible to test-takers in a secure and reliable testing environment, and upholding the quality of educational experience shared by QuantInsti through its EPAT programme," added.
Currently we are working with a Chinese speaking editorial team to produce one issue of EPAT devoted to issues in Chinese thought.
We have been studying a newer form of radial soundwave termed EPAT (extracorporeal pulse activation therapy) for over a year at our facility.
(6) By contrast, data from the Estrogen in Prevention of Atherosclerosis Trial (EPAT) demonstrated that estrogen therapy was effective in attenuating the progression of atherosclerotic plaque formation, as measured by invasive monitoring at an early subclinical disease stage.
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USAID's Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training (EPAT) Project.
Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training Project (EPAT): Working Paper No.
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Indeed, in the whole of the vast and ethnically complex territory of Kalimantan up to that time there had been very little detailed modern ethnographic research apart from the major studies by Western anthropologists of the Ma'anyan of Paju Epat (Hudson 1967, 1972), the Apo Kayan Kenyah (Whittier 1973), and the Mentaya Ngaju (Miles 1976), and work by missionary-anthropologists on the Kahayan Ngaju (Scharer 1963), and the Mualang of the Middle Kapuas (Dunselman 1955).
The new findings, from the Estrogen in the Prevention of Atherosclerosis Trial (EPAT) showed that HRT worked differently in postmenopausal women who started HRT free of cardiovascular disease, said Dr.