EPBEuropean Polar Board (European Science Foundation)
EPBExport Promotion Bureau
EPBElectric Power Board (Chattanooga, TN)
EPBearth pressure balance (tunnel boring machines)
EPBElectronic Parking Brake (automotive)
EPBExtensor Pollicis Brevis
EPBEconomic Planning Board
EPBEnvironmental Protection Board (various organizations)
EPBErythrocyte Membrane Protein Band
EPBExternal Proton Beam
EPBElectronic Products Bulletin
EPBEvaluación de la Protección del Buque
EPBElectronic Preparation of the Battlefield (US Army)
EPBEquatorial Plasma Bubble
EPBEarnings Protection Benefit
EPBEngineering Physics Building (universities)
EPBEcole Primaire Beaconsfield (Canada)
EPBEffective Practice Bulletin (UK)
EPBErie & Pittsburgh Railroad Company
EPBEngineering Process Bulletin
EPBEditorial Production Branch
EPBEquipment Parts Bin
EPBExterior Product Basis
EPBEnergy Performance of Buildings (various locations)
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Brandon Christopher, Chief Information Officer, stated: "As we finalize the integration of Cornerstone Community Bank and SmartBank, it made a lot of sense to consolidate our fiber services to EPB which not only streamlines expenses but also enhances our technology and performance.
The electric parking brake market is divided into Auto hold function and Dynamic automatic brake release function as segments based on EPB function.
Also accompanied by other senior officials of the board from Karachi and Lahore, including Arshad Saleem, Mir Waiz and Uzma Shehzad, EPB chairman said a pragmatic approach has been adopted and situation related to evacuated property manners would be improved in next six months' time.
The construction company Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG is driving more than 25 km of the sewer sections with an EPB Shield and five AVN machines from Herrenknecht.
Several studies have demonstrated that the EPB is compromised in mice that have disrupted TJs (Furuse et al.
Leveraging gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology, the gigabit service is now available to all of EPB SmartNet's residential and business broadband customers throughout the community.
NYSE: EPB), along with limited partner interests in KMP and EPB and shares in Kinder Morgan Management, LLC (NYSE: KMR).
Although electric park brakes (EPBs) have been in production since 2001, there are two things to consider with them: (1) Almost all of today's EPBs are rear-axle systems and (2) They're costly and generally applied only to larger, more-expensive vehicles.
PAAPAM and EPB could also use electronic and print media and effective publicity methods to attract local as well as foreign visitors including the Traders of Auto Parts of the country.
Carboloy's indexable-insert, brazed tip, and solid carbide drills will also be featured, along with BIFIX indexable blade reamers and the EPB modular standard tooling system.
Glasgow's EPB currently provides telephones service, over the CATV network, to customers in the Glasgow area.
Chattanooga, known as Gig City for being the first in the United States to build a community-wide fiber optic network capable of delivering 1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps) Internet speeds, announced today that municipal utility EPB Fiber Optics is now offering the world s first 10 gigabit (10 Gig) Internet service to be made available across a large community-wide territory.