EPBCEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (act; Australia)
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Section 487 of the EPBC Act provides a red carpet for radical activists who have a political, but not a legal interest, in a development to use aggressive litigation tactics to disrupt and sabotage important projects," Brandis said.
Also on tap is the encounter between Renan Trongco of the Elorde stable against Rowell Rosia from Arci Boxing Stable for the vacant WBC EPBC Flyweight Championship.
Currently, the EPBC gives the federal government final approval powers on developments that could endanger Australia's areas of national environmental significance--unique and threatened species, heritage listed sites, aquifers and groundwater that we rely on to survive.
94) Pursuant to the EPBC Act, the Australian Government implements the TAP as it applies to Commonwealth areas and supports national effort by implementing key national level actions in the TAP, including research and demonstration projects to help landowners and other managers be more effective in their individual efforts.
environmental assessment under the EPBC Act, (88) plaintiffs must show
The Court was satisfied that the application raised serious questions to be tried at least concerning the correct construction of the EPBC Act in the context of the proposed action.
The focus of the campaign came to be on the following sections of the EPBC Act triggered by the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal: Sections 12 and 15A--the World Heritage values of [downstream] Fraser Island; Sections 16 and 17B--the ecological character of the [downstream] Great Sandy Strait Ramsar wetland; Sections 18 and 18A--threatened species such as the Australian lungfish, Mary River cod, Mary River turtle and southern barred frog; Sections 20 and 20A- listed migratory species including migratory shorebirds, the green turtle and the dugong.
For example the Department of Finance and Deregulation's 2008-09 Annual Report discusses in general terms their level of compliance with the EPBC Act however it does not provide specific measures on their level of performance.
HSI v Kyodo concerned a challenge to Japan's scientific whaling program in Antarctic waters by Humane Society International ('HSI') on the basis that Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha Ltd ('Kyodo'), the company responsible for conducting the whaling program, was in violation of provisions of the EPBC Act.
Each piece is linked to the names of fauna species listed under the Australian EPBC Act List of Threatened Species.
The case illustrates how then Federal Minister for the Environment, Senator Ian Campbell, utilised the EPBC Act to stall a major wind farm development.
The EPBC Act states that the Commonwealth may formulate management plans for any biosphere reserve within Commonwealth areas and may co-operate with states and territories to prepare management plans for biosphere reserves within states or territories.