EPBSTEnhanced Producibility Basic Skills Trainer (US Army)
EPBSTEducation Psychology Behaviour Support Team (UK)
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Ergot alkaloids were extracted from freeze-dried tall fescue plants by vortexing 0.10 g plant tissue in 8-mL phosphate buffer-Tween solution (EPBST) (1.17 g [Na.sub.2] H [PO.sub.4], 0.243 g Na [H.sub.2] [PO.sub.4], 8.175 g NaCl, 500 [micro]L Tween 20, 1 L distilled water, pH between 7.35-7.45), incubating for 15 min at room temperature, and vortexing a second time prior to sampling the liquid fraction.
Abbreviations: ELISA, enzyme-linked immumosorbent assay; HSA-LYS, human serum albumin-glutaryl-lysergol conjugate; EPBST, ELISA phosphate buffered saline with Tween-20.