EPCAPEnemy Property Claims Assessment Panel (UK)
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A number of claims, which appear to meet the criteria established by EPCAP, and where victims suffered considerably under the Nazi regime, have been refused compensation often on the basis of what appears to be the whims of some of the administrators of the EPCAP organization.
James Palmer, President of Mondex Corporation, the organization representing this client expressed his shock at EPCAP's decision: "We clearly have a situation here where a man was tortured and where his life was threatened, only to be told that the EPCAP panel considers this to simply be 'intimidation' and therefore unworthy of compensation.
To contact EPCAP regarding this decision: Enemy Property Claims Assessment Panel (EPCAP) 20 Essex Street, London WC2R 3AL, England Telephone +44 (020) 7842 1200 Fax +44 (020) 7842 1270 DX Lond/Chan Lane http://www.