EPCASEmergency Primary Care Access Service (UK)
EPCASEmbedded Personal Computer Acquisition System
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In 2016, Kazakhstan became the first Central Asian republic to conclude an Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (EPCA) with Brussels.
In order to allow the robustness of the solution to be tested, the sample was divided into two random subsamples, each of which comprised approximately 50% of the total (Table 2), and exploratory principal components analyses (EPCA) were conducted on one of the subsamples, using SPSS (1994).(1) Application of the scree test (Cattell, 1966; Ferguson & Cox, 1993) suggested that 11 factors should be rotated (total variance explained, 66.6%), and an oblimin criterion was selected; items that loaded at or above 0.30 being regarded as statistically significant.