EPCDEuropean Parking Card Directory (UK)
EPCDEconomic Planning and Coordination Division (US Census Bureau)
EPCDEastern Panhandle Conservation District (West Virginia)
EPCDErie Personal Computer Distribution (Erie, PA)
EPCDElectronics and Process Control Division (Industrial Technology Development Institute)
EPCDEngine Process Compressor Division (Painted Post, NY)
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Because the online analysis of Jim's responses to the CDDQ revealed that his difficulties included a moderate level of general indecisiveness, the interactive assessment system directed Jim to fill out the EPCD as well.
Jim's responses to the EPCD suggested that the sources of his general indecisiveness included anxiety about the uncertainty involved in choosing and about the outcome, as well as conflictual attachment and separation.
Using the EPCD (Saka & Gati, 2007) in the assessment of career indecision is not appropriate for all clients.
In addition, the assessments under review have three major advantages: (a) all three are multidimensional; (b) the CDDQ and the EPCD involve multilevel assessment; and (c) all have cost-free, paper-and-pencil and Internet-based versions, with the latter providing .
Second, the CDDQ and the EPCD (but not the CDMP) are multileveled, allowing (a) a global appraisal (e.
Maternal age was a better predictor of an EPCD than was hospital type if the woman had antepartum bleeding, a uterine scar, a soft tissue disorder, or preterm labor.
If the woman had herpes, severe hypertension, or an unengaged fetal head, the factor that best predicted whether she would have an EPCD was whether she was admitted to a teaching hospital.
She examined 463,196 hospital discharge records describing deliveries, including 19,664 EPCDs, to determine whether there were any correlations between the type of delivery and clinical conditions, hospital type, maternal demographics, and insurance types.
Such analyses will be helpful in sorting out which EPCDs are prudent and which may be unnecessary, according to Dr.