EPCEEngineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics (biannual international conference)
EPCEÉvaluation Préalable à la Création d'Entreprise (French: Prerequisite Evaluation of Business Creation)
EPCEEnergy Providers Coalition for Education
EPCEEnvironmental Partnership for Central Europe (various locations)
EPCEElectrical Power Consuming Equipment
EPCEEntreprise d'Éclairage Public et d'Électricification (French: Public Lighting and Electrical Company; Oran, Algeria)
EPCEElectrical Plant Control Equipment
EPCEEvening Primrose Crude Extract
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Na escala NSNS, no construto Experiencia do Paciente com os Cuidados de Enfermagem (EPCE) os itens retirados foram: EPCE 12 (carga 0,497), EPCE 14 (carga 0,287), EPCE 15 (carga 0,274), EPCE 02 (carga 0,263), EPCE 20 (carga 0,339), EPCE 24 (carga 0,386), EPCE 03 (carga 0,114), EPCE 04 (carga 0,216), EPCE 05 (carga 0,394), EPCE 07 (carga 0,044), EPCE 08 (carga 0,269), e EPCE 09 (carga 0,333).
Na escala NSNS, os itens: SPCE 03, SPCE 16, SPCE 18, EPCE 01, EPCE 06, EPCE 11, EPCE 17, EPCE 19 e EPCE 22.
Na escala NSNS, tambem nao foi atingido a VD e foram removidos os itens: SPCE 05, SPCE 08, SPCE 09, SPCE 12, EPCE 10 e EPCE 26.
No construto EPCE (T=0,945; p<1%) quanto o construto SPCE (T=0,952; p<1%) tambem foram bons antecedentes da Satisfacao com o Servico de Enfermagem, suportando a adequabilidade da escala NSNS, proposta por Thomas, McColl, Priest, Bond e Boys, (1996) ao contexto da cultura brasileira traduzido por (Dorigan & Guirardello, 2013).
Entao foram removidos na escala NSNS, os itens EPCE 23, SPCE 14 e SPCE19.
Through EPCE, WPI is offering two online degrees - a Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering and a Master of Science in Power Systems Management - for the professional, degreed engineer who wants to gain new knowledge important to their critical roles in the industry.
The WPI and EPCE partnership is a powerful example of an alliance that supports furthering an industry, as well as the professional development of the individual.
EPCE members Northeast Utilities and PJM Interconnection were instrumental in facilitating the partnership between WPI and EPCE.
According to EPCE, the idea was prompted by the Bush administration's charge to build new power plants, as well as the expected loss of electric-industry workers due to retirement.