EPCIPEuropean Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
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(240) Communication Concerning EPCIP, supra note 232.
service)." India National Voluntary: 2013 Common Information Cyber Security Criteria Board (NIB), Policy proposal National "encourage[s]" Critical appointments of Information Chief Infrastructure Information Protection Security Officers Centre (CISOs) and "to (NCIIPC) develop information security policies duly integrated with their business plans and implement such policies as per international best practices." European European Regulatory: TBD Union Programme for includes Critical proposals for Infrastructure mandatory Protection performance and (EPCIP), reporting Critical requirements, but Infrastructure also encourages Warning other voluntary Information participation.
Another goal of EPCIP is to join in a network all national representatives and specialists in critical infrastructure protection from all EU member states.
As a result of the numerous investigations and research undertaken in the filed, the EPCIP, launched in 2006, December 12 mentions a number of critical infrastructures identified within the EU.
For all that, the Union has not remained indifferent, specifically via the EPCIP, to the physical security of its infrastructures for production (nuclear thermal power plants, dams, liquid gas plants), transport (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, high voltage lines, oil tankers, gas carriers) and energy storage.
While the EPCIP tackles the protection of CIs via an all risks' approach, it is nevertheless the threat of terrorism which is considered to be a priority.
CIWIN is part of EPCIP and was planned as an electronic forum engaged with the process of sharing information amongst the Member States of EU and the system of informational technologies for support of protection critical infrastructure.
implementation facilitation measures for EPCIP with an action plan, Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CIWIN), EU-level expert groups, information sharing, as well as identification and analysis of interdependency; 3.
In December 2005 the Justice and Home Affairs Council called upon the Commission to make a proposal for a EPCIP; in April 2007 the Council adopted conclusions on the EPCIP in which it reiterated that it was the ultimate responsibility of the Member States to manage arrangements for the protection of critical infrastructures within their national borders (EU, 2008).
Governmental sectors (public order, administration and security) will be excluded from thescope of the EPCIP.
A major recipient, with around half of the total sum, is the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP) to raise critical infrastructure capability.
A European programme to protect critical infrastructure should be proposed by the Commission (EPCIP), covering damage caused by terrorist attacks and natural disasters.