EPCISEPC Information Services
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The EPCglobal Gen 2 tag has quickly been adopted as the de facto standard for passive RFID tags in the supply chain, and the organization recently ratified the EPCIS.
a subsidiary of GS1, a worldwide standards-setting organization, unveiled a version of EPCIS that provides an industry-standard set of interfaces that allows seamless and secure data exchange at all points on the supply chain.
org ) recently ratified EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services), a standard that provides a common language for exchanging EPC data recorded on RFID tags.
Resultant serialization data, aggregation information, commissioning events, shipment events and other operational events are exchanged between the TraceLink system and various packaging line and distribution systems using standard GS1 EPCIS and other data exchange methods depending on the data exchanged and the capabilities of the target systems.
This solution offers EPCIS compliant repository, which is able to quickly and easily integrate with corporate level EPCIS compliant systems such as SAP OER.
8220;Our Track & Trace System is now recognized as a certified EPCIS platform that can be used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to ensure product security and supply chain integrity.
a subsidiary of GS1, a worldwide standards-setting organization, recently unveiled the Electronic Product Code Information Service, more commonly known as EPCIS, a uniform set of interfaces that gives business partners the ability to capture and share EPC data while retaining the ability to tailor applications to their specific needs.
The organization is about to ratify EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services), a data standard that will allow RFID users to share information internally and with their trading partners.
And as the totes exit the distribution facility, EPCIS software records the time and location of each unit leaving as well as its destination center, thus giving AmerisourceBergen a total history of all RFID-tagged drugs.
As a GS1-certified implementation of the EPCIS open standard, Track & Trace: