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EPDEnvironmental Protection Division
EPDEnvironmental Protection Department (Hong Kong)
EPDEvangelischer Pressedienst
EPDEnvironmental Product Declaration
EPDElektronisch Patiëntendossier
EPDExpected Progeny Difference (livestock breeding)
EPDEureka Police Department
EPDEngineering Professional Development
EPDEnzyme Potentiated Desensitization
EPDEugene Police Department (Eugene, Oregon)
EPDEarly Packet Discard (ATM)
EPDEarly Payment Default
EPDEtch Pit Density
EPDEuropean Pollen Database
EPDElectronic Personal Dosimeter
EPDExtended Position Description (defines a chess position)
EPDEnergetic Particle Detector
EPDElectric Power Distribution
EPDEarliest Possible Date
EPDEmergency Planning District
EPDEnergy Products Directive
EPDEarly Payment Discount
EPDEuclid Police Department
EPDEpilepsy, Pyridoxine-Dependent
EPDEn Paz Descanse (Spanish: Rest in Peace)
EPDEarliest Practicable Date
EPDElderly Physically Disabled (UK social services)
EPDElectrical Power Distribution System
EPDElmira Police Department
EPDElectric Power Development Co., Ltd.
EPDElectronic Product Distribution
EPDElmira Punk Division (band)
EPDExtra Police Duty
EPDEdwardsville Police Department (Edwardsville, IL)
EPDElectronic Publishing Division
EPDElevation Power Distribution
EPDElectophoretic Deposition
EPDEngineering Program Description
EPDEmployee Personal Development
EPDElectrically Programmed Device
EPDEnlisted Personnel Directorate, MILPERCEN
EPDEqual Probability of Detection
EPDEqual Power Divider
EPDEquivalent Patient Day
EPDElectronic Photo Documentation
EPDExecution Process Document
EPDEuropean Partnership for Democracy
EPDEducational and Professional Development (various locations)
EPDEmergency Preparedness Department (various locations)
EPDElite Player Development (sports; various locations)
EPDEngine and Propeller Directorate (US FAA)
EPDElectronic Product Design
EPDEmbolic Protection Device (medical equipment)
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The merger is expected to provide benefits to current EPD unitholders by:
19 A representative sampling of energy consumption trends from a coast-to-coast, cross section of producers contributes to the NRMCA LCI Data Collection Summary Statistics, boosting the credibility of an industry-wide EPD for transit or central mixed concrete.
In addition to being able to contribute more points under LEED v4, manufacturers with an available EPD can use the information to improve their product's environmental performance and back up marketing claims.
For the EPD team, the expedition was proof that mangrove conservation is a worldwide concern.
Designers and engineers will increasingly be the primary consumers of EPDs, and Architecture 2030 believes that the success of the project is dependent on input from this community.
The ANSI accreditation process included on-site and remote audits that assessed NSF International's policies and procedures, and reviewed PCR published and EPD verified under the program.
An EPD is a standardized way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product or system throughout its life cycle.
The method was formalised in PCR for seafood transport packaging in the Norwegian Environmental Declaration Scheme administered by EPD Norway.
The EPD is a concrete arch meant to protect an egg placed underneath that is subject to destruction by impact loading.
Responding to a query, the DG said that the EPD would introduce plastic bags that degenerate in the presence of oxygen within few months, adding that every company and firm would apply for registration for introduction of bio-degradable bags and the Environmental Department would establish laboratories for detection of bio-degradable bags and after the detection of bags they will be allowed to produce and sell bio-degradable bags.
The firm said its EPD is currently supporting over 35 clients in more than 87 countries around the world.