EPDGEnhanced Packet Data Gateway
EPDGEl Principe De Gales (cigar brand; Spanish: The Prince of Wales)
EPDGEnhanced Procedure Dependence Graph
EPDGEducation Policy Discussion Group (University of Pennsylvania)
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Not every kid we get into our PDG, EPDG is going to make it - that's the nature of professional sport.
The EPDG recommends an assessment of the potential of nuclear energy to contribute to cleaner air, and that the NRC expedite nuclear re-licensing procedures.
The Report of the EPDG may be found at: [http://www.
Since p denotes a vertex of the EPDG, associating a vertex in EPDG with a single source line greatly simplifies the process of isolating a slice from a program.
Step 1 Compute the slice by a backward traversal of EPDG such that
The new Chairman and CEO of EPDG, Lisa Krinsky, stated, "We are thrilled that DynaPep is a part of the EPDG family.