EPDLEvaluated Photon Data Library (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
EPDLEtobicoke Pub Dart League (Canada)
EPDLEast Power Development Ltd.
EPDLErosive Pustular Dermatosis of the Leg (dermatology)
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In addition to providing a test of the program, it is helpful to ensure that the EPDL functions are being read and interpreted properly.
We may estimate typical values of p and [p.sub.1] from the differential cross sections given by the EPDL and the KN formulas.
Atomic form factors for C (solid black), O (long dashed orange), Si (dot-dashed red), Ca (dashed green), and Fe (dotted blue) from the EPDL as a function of the polar scattering angle [theta].
He added: "The council's action is at odds with the many months of constructive discussions between all parties and came completely out of the blue as EPDL and its contracting partners were preparing to go on site to commence works.
online the with our journalists liverpool co.uk/ "EPDL and its partners are seeking further discussions with the leader of the council to explore how this important development can be salvaged.
"EPDL believes the issue which has caused the problem is not related to this development and should have been considered a separate matter.
Prior to adoption of the EPDL, there was little opportunity for judicial review, and for many years following its adoption, Israeli courts proceeded cautiously; they almost invariably deferred to the judgment of the military authorities.
After the Lebanese had served their sentences, many were held under EPDL detention orders.
The chief justice (who had also authored the previous decision ruling the other way) reasoned that although the EPDL standard was "sufficiently broad to embrace events where the danger ...