EPDLEvaluated Photon Data Library (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
EPDLEtobicoke Pub Dart League (Canada)
EPDLEast Power Development Ltd.
EPDLErosive Pustular Dermatosis of the Leg (dermatology)
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He added: "The council's action is at odds with the many months of constructive discussions between all parties and came completely out of the blue as EPDL and its contracting partners were preparing to go on site to commence works.
Once Wirral raised the matter EPDL and its legal representative worked tirelessly to provide a solution which would allow scheme to proceed.
Indeed, EPDL understands that the option to allow the continuation of the Europa Plaza scheme was put in front of Wirral Borough Council cabinet for approval.
Prior to adoption of the EPDL, there was little opportunity for judicial review, and for many years following its adoption, Israeli courts proceeded cautiously; they almost invariably deferred to the judgment of the military authorities.
After the Lebanese had served their sentences, many were held under EPDL detention orders.