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EPDMEthylene Propylene Diene Methylene
EPDMEthylene Propylene Dimonomer (industrial/commercial piping/plumbing components)
EPDMEnds per Decimeter (measurement)
EPDMEnterprise Product Data Management
EPDMÉcole Pratique des Métiers (French trade school)
EPDMEntente Provençale Digne Manosque (French volleyball forum)
EPDMEcole Polytechnique De Montreal (French: Polytechnic School of Montreal; Quebec, Canada)
EPDMEngineering Product Data Management
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The contractor will supply a precut piece of EPDM large enough to cover the roof, plus other materials to complete the job.
Gates is the first manufacturer to implement EPDM technology in the design of industrial V-belts.
Vistalon 7602 EPDM rubber is a metallocene EPDM with medium molecular weight and high diene.
1] is attributed to the presence of dimeric carboxylic acid in EPDM-g-MAH, indicating that the MAH has been successfully grafted on EPDM.
For more information regarding the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA), please contact Carole Rogin, ERA, at (703) 684-5020.
Because Santoprene TPV B200 offers much faster cycling times compared with EPDM, processing time savings of 15 percent to 30 percent can be achieved.
1), ultra-EPDM, like any EPDM, still needs adequate reinforcement (carbon black or silica based) to develop sufficient strength, because EPDM does not appreciably strain crystallize (ref.
According to Dennis Marshall, roof consultant at ASC Services, the company's standard for roof materials consists of specifying ballasted or mechanically attached EPDM.
To obtain elastomeric pellets with a uniform size comparable with that of the PP for the melt mixing process, the EPDM was initially grinded in an industrial grinder and subsequently extruded at 100 rpm with the temperature profile shown in Fig.
EPDM, known as "crackless rubber," is used in automotive, construction and other applications.
EPDM rubber has seen significant growth in recent years in automotive, wire and cable, roof sheeting and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) applications, due to the unique molecular structure and versatile processing properties (refs.