EPDSElectrical Power Distribution System (US NASA)
EPDSEdinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
EPDSEntry Point to the Distribution System (water quality; Arizona)
EPDSElectrical Power and Distribution Subsystem (military space program)
EPDSElectrical Power & Distribution System
EPDSElectronic Processing and Dissemination System
EPDSEmergency Personnel Decontamination Station
EPDSElectrical Power Design Subsystem
EPDSELINT Processing & Dissemination System
EPDSEmergency Priority Dispatch System (Priority Dispatch Corporation)
EPDSElectronic Parts Distribution System (Axiom Software, Ltd.)
EPDSEnhanced Processing and Dissemination System
EPDSEmergency Preparedness and Disaster Services
EPDSEarth Probe Data Sets
EPDSEnterprise Project Delivery System
EPDSEquipment Preservation Data Sheet
EPDSExperiment Power Data System (NASA)
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34] Routine use of the EPDS at 6 weeks postpartum can help to diagnose depression, but it is clearly not a sufficient intervention by itself.
He added: "We are indebted to EPDS and the 12 racecourses who are helping us highlight the hard work undertaken by all racing staff in getting a racehorse to look a million dollars at the races.
Racing Welfare fundraising and communications executive Richard Negus said: "Winning a best-turned-out award is always popular with trainers, staff and owners alike, but thanks to EPDS Racing we believe this is the first time such a series has taken place.
Since its development, the EPDS has been widely used in research (12) and clinical studies, (13,14) and its utility as a screening instrument advocated.
You also can use a shortened form of the EPDS as a first step, asking about the three EPDS items related to anxiety: "self-blame, feeling panicky, and [feeling] anxious or worried for no good reason," Dr.
36) The EPDS is a 10-item self-report scale that explores symptoms of anxiety and depression experienced in the past 7 days.
The relationship was investigated between the EPDS scores and other factors (reasons for haemorrhage, intensive care, neonatal status, complications and organ loss).
2003), en el que se encontro con la EPDS una tasa de prevalencia del 12,9%.
The young rider showed his blossoming talent again in the EPDS Racing Welfare BTO Series Handicap Series on Daliance.
While one decontamination platoon could assume the mission of EPDS support, the second platoon could become the mass casualty decontamination platoon.