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EPEATElectronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
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For eight years, EPEAT ratings have helped companies, governments and consumers around the world compare and purchase greener devices, resulting in significant environmental benefits.
Barbara Kyle, national coordinator of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, has served as a stakeholder in the EPEAT standards development process over the last three years.
This is the first step toward achieving the goals of Executive Order 13423, Section 2(h): 95 percent of electronic assets acquired are EPEAT registered; extend the useful life of electronic assets and 100 percent enablement of Energy Star features on electronic assets; and 100 percent reuse, donation, or recycling of electronics at end-of-life.
It includes a number of green features that earned it EPEAT Gold certification, including one-touch Eco Mode activation and an ambient light sensor for reducing power consumption, a carbon footprint meter, and components that contain 50 percent less mercury than similar monitors.
EPEAT Gold (on the black version) and EPEAT Silver certifications bear testimony to the LC display's excellent environmental compatibility.
It is an exciting development," said EPEAT executive director Jeff Omelchuck.
These "green" notebooks have EPEAT Gold ratings and are ENERGY STAR certified with top-of-the-line technology.
Another program that can aid executives looking to expand their green reach is EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), which evaluates computers and monitors based on 51 criteria, including 23 mandatory environmental criteria.
It joins the aluminium unibody MacBook family in setting new standards for environmentally friendly notebooks with every model achieving EPEAT Gold status.
The desktops have earned EPEAT gold certification and Greenguard Certification for Children & Schools.
One means of keeping acquisition green is through EPEAT, the subject of a FOSE presentation, "Greening Electronics Procurement with EPEAT," by Holly Elwood of the U.