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EPECEnteropathogenic Escherichia Coli
EPECEuropean PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Expertise Centre
EPECEducation for Physicians on End-Of-Life Care
EPECEducation in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (Chicago, IL)
EPECExemplary Physical Education Curriculum
EPECEuropean Policy Evaluation Consortium
EPECEnvironmental and Peace Education Center
EPECEvery Product Every Cycle (economics)
EPECEast Peninsula Education Council
EPECEmployee Participation Evaluation Committee
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A previously published stepwise evolutionary model showed the acquisition of stx2 by a strain of EPEC O55:H7, resulting in emergence of a strain of STEC O55:H7, which was [beta]-glucuronidase positive and sorbitol positive, closely related but ancestral to STEC O157:H7, which was [beta]-glucuronidase positive and sorbitol positive (34).
Molecular typing was performed using multiplex PCR that can identify STEC and EPEC pathogroups based on sequences complementary to escV, bfpB, Stx1 , and Stx2.
Moreover, specific variants of intimin are related to STEC strains pathogenic for humans, whereas other intimin variants are related to human or animal EPEC strains (19,31, 32).
Before, this opening arrived, EPEC did something only one other investor owned utility had done since the great depression; it filed for bankruptcy relief.
To the rage of IKA-Renault workers was added the indignation of the Luz y Fuerza, UTA, and other workers who had been attacked by police with tear gas outside the EPEC offices where they had gathered to march.
We submitted 9 calf EPECs with unidentified serogroups to the O-typing multiplex PCR platform (5); 6 of 9 EPEC isolates contained the O80 serogroup-encoding gene, and 3 belonged to 3 other O serogroups.
EPEC is not a game changer but a fate changer of the entire country in terms of economic development, the minister argued.
2001) reportaron colitis ulcerativa en Saguinus oedipus causada por EPEC.
With controls, turbidity in enrichment medium and subsequent growth of bacteria on selective medium were observed (Table 1), where VC exhibited as typical yellow colony on TCBS medium, SF as typical small green colonies on HEA medium, and Salmonella species as pink colonies with/ without black centre on XLD medium whereas ETEC and EPEC exhibited typical metallic sheen colonies on EMB agar medium.