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EPECEnteropathogenic Escherichia Coli
EPECEducation for Physicians on End-Of-Life Care
EPECEducation in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (Chicago, IL)
EPECExemplary Physical Education Curriculum
EPECEuropean Policy Evaluation Consortium
EPECEnvironmental and Peace Education Center
EPECEvery Product Every Cycle (economics)
EPECEast Peninsula Education Council
EPECEmployee Participation Evaluation Committee
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When the big election day arrived, CSW and EPEC had outspent the supporters of the question by a ratio of at least two to one.
my own barrio was comprised mainly of poor workers, not workers from IKA-Renault or EPEC but construction workers, garage mechanics, handymen, and domestic servants.
Dendrogram analysis of PFGE patterns showed that EPEC isolates were diverse and clustered at a pattern similarity of 76%, and that EAggEC isolates were highly clonal and clustered at a pattern similarity of 90% (Figure).
To our surprise, we found that the most frequent pathogen identified in the stools of children with gastroenteritis was not ETEC or EIEC, but EPEC.
EPEC and EHEC express a type III secretion (T3S) system that translocates multiple effector proteins into host cells and manipulate host innate responses, which are needed for colonization (5-7).
This year, the EPEC continues to support amateur players across Europe but with an added twist of allowing participants to represent their country through a 15-person team competition during the live final.
To avoid such situation, it is recommended to detect bfpA as well as stx genes for the differential identification of EPEC and STEC, respectively.
coli isolates that were negative for virulence markers of STEC and EPEC were found to be predominantly isolated from stool (75.
We collected 278 eae-positive strains that were originally identified by routine diagnostic protocols as EPEC or EHEC.
coli isolates recovered from liver, lung and intestine of affected pigs were examined for presence of genes encoding various virulence factors associated with pathogroups such as EPEC (eae/bfpA), EAggEC (eagg), ETEC (elt/est) and STEC ([stx.
I look forward to becoming a member of the EPEC board.