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EPECEnteropathogenic Escherichia Coli
EPECEuropean PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Expertise Centre
EPECEducation for Physicians on End-Of-Life Care
EPECEducation in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (Chicago, IL)
EPECExemplary Physical Education Curriculum
EPECEuropean Policy Evaluation Consortium
EPECEnvironmental and Peace Education Center
EPECEvery Product Every Cycle (economics)
EPECEast Peninsula Education Council
EPECEmployee Participation Evaluation Committee
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The distribution of 134 strains in relation to pathovars and phylogenetic groups from diarrheic and normal feces showed that ETEC pathovars included only phylogroups E (1/2) and F (1/2); NTEC phylogroups B1 (23/37), B2 (6/37), D (3/37), and E (4/37); STEC phylogroups B1 (14/37), B2 (2/37), C (2/37), D (3/37), E (5/37), and F (1/37); all three EPEC strains B1; EHEC phylogroup B1 (3/4); EAEC included phylogroups A (3/40), B1 (30/40), C (4/40), D (1/40), and E (2/40).
Children living in rural settings of the Vhembe District have been previously reported to be infected with diarrhoeal pathogens such as norovirus [18] rotavirus [5, 17] EAEC, [4, 15] ETEC, EPEC [4] Shigella spp.
EPEC are sub-grouped into typical (tEPEC, eae+ bfpA+) and atypical (aEPEC, eae+ bfpA-) strains that differ in several respects Naji and Nasser (24).
Also, Teemu Raitis, Epec's current managing director, will leave the company on 30 November 2018.
Although EPEC effector proteins, e.g., Map, EspT, and EspH, alter the function of Rho GTPases to enhance cell adhesion and promote pathogen survival (11), there is apparently no report regarding effects of EPEC on intestinal cell migration and its Rho-related alterations.
coli pathotype Acronym Disease eaeA, stx genes * Shiga-toxigenic/ STEC/EHEC Watery diarrhoea, [eaeA.sup.+/-], Enterohaemorrhagic haemorrhagic [stx.sup.+] colitis, haemolytic uraemic syndrome Enteropathogenic EPEC Watery diarrhoea [eaeA.sup.+], (typical/atypical) [stx.sup.-] ([dagger]) Enteroinvasive EIEC Dysentery [eaeA.sup.-], ([double dagger]) [stx.sup.-] Enteroaggregative EAEC syn.
The first PCR screenings were performed with stx1/stx2 and eae primers focusing on the selection of STEC or EPEC DEC.
A gastrointestinal (GI) panel of stool revealed the presence of both EPEC and astrovirus nucleic acid.
The most parsimonious model of evolution of the STEC O55:H7 Dorset outbreak strain was a progenitor EPEC O55:H7 sorbitol-fermenting strain lysogenized by an Stx2a-encoding phage and subsequent loss of the ability to ferment sorbitol.
histolytica 00 00 03(1.5%) 03 EPEC 00 06(100%) 00 06 Candida albicans 02(100%) 00 00 02
coli pathogenic strains, in most developing countries, EPEC, ETEC, and EAEC are the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in young children [10, 11].