EPEIEvery Part Every Interval
EPEIEnvironmental Protection in the Energy Industry (various locations)
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References in classic literature ?
So the ship ran on its course and came to Arena and lovely Argyphea and Thryon, the ford of Alpheus, and well-placed Aepy and sandy Pylos and the men of Pylos; past Cruni it went and Chalcis and past Dyme and fair Elis, where the Epei rule.
What I found particularly interesting is the frequency of the construction fa- ida kana hada ala hada, used to translate both Greek ei and epei, where the Greek "since A, then B" is rendered in Arabic as "A is the case; since this is so, then B" (cf.
He will claim mantle and tunic only at that moment when (autik' epei) his story has come true, that is, when Odysseus has returned home; beforehand (prin de ke) he will take nothing despite being much in need (mala per kechremenos).(49) He thus suspends his deprivation in order to emphasise that he is a man who knows.
What is the relationship of the priamel to the clause introduced by epei that follows it?
There is also the problem of how to take epei in line 4.