EPEIEvery Part Every Interval
EPEIEnvironmental Protection in the Energy Industry (various locations)
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LEAN TECHNIQUES TRADITIONAL: HIGH VOLUME COMPLEX: HIGH MIX Value Streams Dedicated cells for Flow paths through similar products shared equipment Organization Dedicated people for Focused factories each cell aligned to flow paths Performance Visual line of sight Flow path metrics Measures metrics like Heijunka leveraging enterprise boards software Bottlenecks and Fixed bottlenecks and Shifting bottlenecks Capacity Planning rules of thumb to and optimization of dedicate capacity capacity buffers Inventory Rules of thumb to lower Optimization of Optimization water levels inventory buffers using operations research Pull Scheduling Part-specific Kanban Part-generic techniques like CONWIP Lot Sizing Rules of thumb like EPEI Sizing optimization of lot sizes and/or campaign sizes
He was Associate Editor for the EPEI, a member of the Meetings and Publications Councils, and President of the Biotechnology Executive and Advisory Committees.
The Company begins trading under the new symbol of ORCY, from EPEI, on July 11, 2005.