EPEPÉtablissement Public d'Enseignement Primaire (French: Establishment of Public Primary Education)
EPEPElectrical Performance of Electrical Packaging (IEEE conference)
EPEPExecutive Personal Excess Protection
EPEPEnlisted Professional Enhancement Program (USAF)
EPEPExact Pairwise Error Probability
EPEPElectrical Performance of Engineering Packaging
EPEPEmployee Performance Evaluation Process
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On the first period (From September 2012 to March 2013) participants were invited to participate in study and then were successively entering and assigned to the EPEP.
The EPEP is designed to be implemented during chemotherapy treatment.
When higher scores (8-10) are considered, almost all patients (23/24) gave importance to the EPEP, whereas more than 50% stated that there was an improvement in PA (15/24) and quality of life (13/24).
Although this condition does not preclude the analysis about whether the EPEP increased quality of life, it would be desirable that both intervention and control groups had similar scores at the pretest condition.
Whatever the case, and since statistical differences between treatment and control conditions in the scores evolution along the time were not observed, it cannot be stated that EPEP improved global health status in the treatment group.
Thus, we think that insomnia is the only symptom which should perhaps be affected by the EPEP.
In summary, if we consider as a whole the Global Health Status and the Physical, Role, Social functioning, and Insomnia Scales, we can see the same evolution, suggesting that the intervention group had a slightly better condition than control patients, which could be produced by the EPEP.
It is possible that the EPEP was actually effective to produce several moments of PA in the intervention group across sessions which were not experienced by the control group, but that these moments were not reflected at the PANAS scores because of the retrospective assessment that patients had to make to answer the items.
Thus, it must be taken with caution that between groups differences could be produced by the EPEP.
The final ratings determination for EPEP will be completed as the transaction gets closer to completion and more details of the final capital structure are known.
At EPEPS 2012, Agilent experts will demonstrate how the SystemVue 2012.