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EPEREuropean Pollutant Emission Register
EPEREuropean Political Economy Review (academic journal)
EPEREdinburgh Project on Extensive Reading (est. 1981; Institute for Applied Language Studies; University of Edinburgh; Scotland, UK)
EPERExtended Pixel Edge Response (charge transfer efficiency)
EPEREarly Phase Enhance Ratio (cancerous tumor evaluation tool)
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LWPC with k = 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 is used for evaluating the reliability of the CGS and for calculating EPWF and EPER.
The three tolerable rates were then used to calculate the required sample sizes using ARIA = 10%, and EPER = 0%.
To use the spreadsheet, an auditor enters values for population size, EPER, TER, and RACRTL.
The European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (European PRTR) is set to replace the EPER (EC Regulation 166/2006) and will be published in 2009 based on 2007 data.
Launched by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency at the beginning of 2004, EPER is publicly accessible on the internet atwww.
The EPER forms a central part of Council Directive 96/61/EC, covering integrated pollution prevention and control, and is also linked to the Aarhus Convention provisions on the disclosure of site-specific information on relevant polluting sources.
Furthermore, the EPER should be the auditor's best estimate of the exception rate in the population, which should not be influenced by the resulting sample size.
The data included within EPER have been provided by facilities that exceed specified emission thresholds.
The purpose of this pre-contractual procedure is the acquisition and installation of gastroenterology equipment for the Hospital do Divino Esprito Santo of Ponta Delgada, EPER and respective accessories and complementary elements, with the technical specifications and in the terms and conditions defined in the Book of Charges .
It will be based on the same principles as the EPER, launched in the EU in February 2004, but goes further, covering more pollutants and polluting activities.
The EPER is a direct outcome of the IPPC Directive, which acts as the EU environmental protection regulations.
Contract award notice: Fornecimento de produtos de higiene ao Hospital de Santo Esprito da Ilha Terceira, EPER.