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EPEREuropean Pollutant Emission Register
EPERExtra Pay for Extra Responsibilities (various organizations)
EPEREuropean Political Economy Review (academic journal)
EPEREdinburgh Project on Extensive Reading (est. 1981; Institute for Applied Language Studies; University of Edinburgh; Scotland, UK)
EPERExtended Pixel Edge Response (charge transfer efficiency)
EPEREarly Phase Enhance Ratio (cancerous tumor evaluation tool)
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(3) Servico de Cirurgia Geral, Hospital do Divino Espirito Santo de Ponta Delgada (EPER), Av.
EPER = [absolute value of ([EPWF.sub.m] - EPWF)]/[EPWF.sub.m].
The three tolerable rates were then used to calculate the required sample sizes using ARIA = 10%, and EPER = 0%.
And he believes the error is only being discussed because Dons have Wales ke ke keep ep eper er er er Jas as as ason on on on Bro ro ro rown wn wn wn w i ai ai ai ai i ti ti ti ti ting ng ng keeper Jason Brown waiting in the wings.
The exception rate believed to exist in the population is the expected population exception rate (EPER).
eper Brad Jones silent and t bounced through l zone, an area he defend with an At that point most gn veterans knew the gam opposition score this f mentally weak and tac claw it back.
The former European pollutant register (EPER) covered 50 pollutants released to air and water from 56 industrial activities in 12,000 facilities in the EU25 and Norway.
The 32-year-old was set through on goal by a defence-splitting pass by Keith Andrews, and controlled well before his low right-footed shot from 18 yards gave Rotherham goalke eper Andy Warrington no chance.
The second European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER) - the first to cover the EU25 plus Norway - confirms the trends already noted the previous year.
Its second European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER) review says that about two-thirds of the 50 air and water industrial pollutants have been decreasing, considering data collected in 2004 from 12,000 facilities in the 25 EU member states of that year and Norway.