EPFMElectronic Projects for Musicians (book)
EPFMElasto-Plastic Fracture Mechanics
EPFMElectronic Peak Flow Meter (human respiratory monitoring)
EPFMExterior Penalty Function Method
EPFMEyre Peninsula Farmers' Market (Australia)
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In this condition, both the linear-elastic and the EPFM are unable to characterize the crack-tip condition due to the significant creep strain.
In this article, the short-term fracture toughness parameter [J.sub.c] is experimentally correlated with the long-term SCG behavior based on the conventional EPFM. A similar approach which correlated [J.sub.c] with the SCG data was reported by Zhou et al.
The early two phases of the crack follow the elastoplastic fracture mechanics (EPFM) and were renamed as (i) microstructurally short crack (MSC) growth and (ii) physically small crack (PSC) growth.
EPFM is located at South Sulawesi, the fourth largest wheat flour factory in the world.
Documentum EPFM reduces the risk of project shutdown or downtime by providing secure, efficient access to "as built" engineering drawings and related content, EMC said.
In this article, both LEFM and EPFM methodologies are used to characterize nylon-based materials under consideration for an industrial caster application.
The EMC Documentum EPFM solution focuses on highly project-centric and repeatable processes for designing, building and operating complex plants.
EPFM approach through the J-integral methodologies is to be used to achieve the fracture toughness at crack initiation, [J.sub.IC], which is measured from the determination of the crack resistance curve, J-R curve, where J is plotted versus the crack extension, [DELTA][alpha].
The evaluation of the energy requirements for crack propagation in ductile processes ([J.sub.q]) is usually described by nonlinear elastic fracture mechanics, commonly referred to as elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (EPFM) (1).
Therefore, to assess the toughness one needs to employ either elastic-plastic (EPFM) or post-yield fracture mechanics (PYFM) approaches.