EPFREmerging Portfolio Fund Research (Cambridge, MA)
EPFREmilio Pucci Formfit Rogers (clothing)
EPFREarly Proximal Flow Rate (kidney function measurement)
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Federal Reserve's decision to start trimming its massive stimulus, investors continued to pour in money into European stocks, EPFR data showed.
Moreover, EM funds have a near zero allocation to Morocco (according to EPFR data), which suggests negligible outflows as a result of this downgrade.
EPFR data shows over $46 billion flowing to emerging stock and bond funds since January, after almost $90 billion last year.
Equity funds tracked by EPFR Global saw inflows of $1.
Investors pulled more cash out of emerging equity funds last week, data from EPFR showed.
FTSE Group and Emerging Portfolio Funds Research have launched a new emerging-market-focused index, the FTSE EPFR EM Fund Flows Index (http://www.
African equity funds have attracted net new cash in 51 of the last year's 52 weeks, EPFR Global have reported, underscoring the evolution of the continent's frontier markets as a serious investment play.
According to the Washington-based fund tracker, EPFR Global, a net $660 million flowed into African regional funds over the last 12 months - not vast sums on the global scale but far more than Africa has ever attracted in the past.
But flow data from EPFR Global also suggested that enough money found its way into emerging markets equity funds to suggest that yield remains a real concern .
Risk aversion in the wake of Dubai's massive debt woes caused investors to slow their move into emerging market equity and riskier bond fund groups in the week ended December 1, EPFR Global said.
Data from EPFR Global showed Asian ex-Japan stocks posted a second straight week of fund inflows in the week ending last Wednesday.
Brad Durham, of EPFR Global, a US-based research firm, said the turbulence hitting Brazil and other developing economies "was due to a perfect storm of bad news".