EPFUEstonian Private Forest Union (est. 1992)
EPFUEnhanced Performance Fiber Units
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Pirelli's Sirocco system consists of Enhanced Performance Fiber Units (EPFU) in a range of fiber counts; tube cables of varying number and size for both outdoor and indoor use; installation equipment such as compressors and regulators; and accessories such as tube connectors, tube distribution units and splicing joints.
ppendix I The late summer diets of five bat species at Fort Mountain State Park, Murray Co., Georgia (PISU = eastern pipistrelle, EPFU = big brown bat, MYSE = northern long-eared myotis, MYLE = small-footed myotis, MYLU = little brown bat).
Call files containing bat echolocation call sequences were passed through a second series of custom-made filters in AnalookW (see below) to identify the calls to species when possible (Silver-haired Bat "LANO", Big Brown Bat "EPFU", or Hoary Bat "LACI").