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EPGElectronic Program Guide
EPGExam Preparation Guide (various organizations)
EPGEmergency Planning Guide
EPGÉcole Parisienne de Gestalt (French school)
EPGElectrical Products Group (conference)
EPGElectronic Programme Guide
EPGElectric Power Group (Pasadena, CA)
EPGElectropalatography (speech science)
EPGEminent Persons Group (APEC subcommittee)
EPGEggs per Gram (parasitology)
EPGEngineering Process Group
EPGElectronic Proving Ground
EPGÉcole de Psycho-Graphologie (French: Psychographology School)
EPGElectronic Project Generator (US Navy)
EPGEntrepôt Pétrolier de la Gironde (French: Gironde Petroleum Warehouse)
EPGEhlert Publishing Group (Maple Grove, MN)
EPGEpisode Program Guide (TV)
EPGEnterprise Platform Group
EPGExecutive Planning Group
EPGExpanded Portland Group (telecommunications)
EPGElectronic Payment Gateway (transaction processing)
EPGEnergy Practice Group (various organizations)
EPGEngineering Proving Ground
EPGEnterprise Privacy Group (data protection)
EPGEuropean Participating Governments
EPGEmergency Procedure Guidelines
EPGExercise Planning Guide
EPGExercise Planning Guidance
EPGEngineered Products Group Pty Ltd (Australia)
EPGEmbedded Planar Graph
EPGEnhanced Platforms Group (Sprint PCS)
EPGEmployment Planning Guide
EPGEarnings Performance Group
EPGElectronically Programmed Governor
EPGExtended Planning Guidance
EPGEmergency Power Generator
EPGElectrical Power Generator (space shuttle)
EPGElectrostatic Particle Guide
EPGEniwetok Proving Ground
EPGEncuentro Por Guatemala (Spanish, Guatemala)
EPGEngineering Practice Group
EPGEnhanced Product Group
EPGEyePlay Games LLC (multiplayer gaming site)
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The present study characterized and correlated 2 EPG waveforms, NP and Z, recorded when the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) is walking/labial dabbing or standing still, respectively, prior to insertion of the stylets into the plant to begin feeding.
Hugh Segal, a Canadian senator on the EPG, urged leaders to give equal attention to other crucial issues, such as climate change and debt for small states, as well as HIV-AIDS and rights of women.
Table 1-2 shows that Azedarchta indica (Neem) at dose rate of 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg was effective in reducing 83.90, 85.41 and 89.65% EPG count respectively.
An EPG representation of a graph G = (V, E) is an assignment of grid paths to vertices of G such that (v, w) is an edge if and only if the paths assigned to v and w intersect.
The PowerCommand control also allows EPG to tailor each gen-set by integrating specific features for each power output.
The EPG reported to the ASEAN leaders at the Cebu summit.
- Simple and powerful auto-search functions in EPG timer recording including Keyword Search (using the specially tailored data containing about 220,000 words), New Program Search to quickly search for new TV programs, and Rough Genre Search to search for TV programs related to the user's desired genre selected from 12 selections.
Foord's new responsibilities include overseeing the smooth integration of Wittke products and services into the EPG product line.
Using a patented rail system for making its paper pallets, EPG has tried to create pallets that are strong as well as lightweight.
Production of plastic bags, made from EPG's patented "depart" product, at Anwil's site in Wloclawek, Poland, is expected to commence early next year.
The Professional Chamber, the 35-strong "professional" wing of the Enterprise Policy Group (EPG), met in Brussels for the first time on June 11.
Gartner estimates that revenue opportunities in the TV portal market will accrue from various sections such as streaming video on demand, electronic program guide (EPG), non-EPG information services, TV commerce and Internet access and email.