EPGFEuropean Property Growth Fund (Standard Life Investments; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
EPGFEggs per Gram of Feces (parasitology)
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Three drugs namely Piperazine citrate, Ivermectin and Levamisole were evaluated for their anthelmintic efficacy based on post treatment EPGF and indirectly through improvement in erythrogram and leukogram of three groups of dogs.
Statistical analysis using ANOVA showed that all three anthelmintics produce significantly different efficacy (p<0.05) on EPGF after 11th day of administration however, Piperazine had highest efficacy (p<0.05) followed by Ivermectin and Levamisole (Table 2).
Piperazine: The result in Table 2, revealed efficacy of Piperazine based on EPGF was found to be 99.89%.
Piperazine has highest clinical efficacy (p<0.05) on gradual and significant decrease in level of EPGF, TLC, SGOT and SGPT and on gradual and significant increase in level of Hb, PCV, TEC and SG.
Ivermectin: The treatment of Toxocara canis infected dogs with Ivermectin at the dose rate of 0.2mg/kg body weight orally proved 99.01% efficacy as pre treatment EPGF 19107.60[+ or -]1028.27 was declined to post treatment EPGF 189.16[+ or -]25.73.
The pre treatment EPGF 18492.68[+ or -]991.06 was reduced to 1006.00[+ or -]51.77 after treatment.