EPGLEssar Power Gujarat Ltd. (India)
EPGLExtreme Pressure Gear Lube
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Ramesh Kumar, MD, EPGL, said, We had robust performance due to fall in raw material cost and improved operational efficiencies leading to improvement in financial parameters.
CVI) has requested that EPGL make a "bonafide" counter settlement offer to CVI for royalties and cash settlement.
EPGL was shortlisted amongst all the Power Plants (Captive as well as Independent power plants) in the Top 10 Energy efficient units across the country.
EPGL has not yet publicly announced what it believes to be its most potentially valuable patents pending in the field.
It is becoming more widely known that EPGL has patents pending in one of the hottest developing trends; smart contact lenses.
In an effort to be more specific about EPGL developments to the investment community, on August 3, 2015, EPGL will announce an innovative accessory device technology which every electronic contact lens wearer in the future could potentially need to own.
EPGL owns key 'Autofocus' technology that is likely to beat Novartis and Google to market.
who is represented by Tom Counts of Paul Hastings, LLP in San Francisco, has requested that EPGL immediately grant the exclusive Option to License the technologies several months earlier than EPGL had expected.
As per the agreement, EPGL will deliver customized products and services to USMC families caring for loved ones with disabilities and special needs, augmenting the efforts of the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) of the USMC.
through its in-house IP counsel Muriel Haritchabalet, has asked EPGL to grant an immediate exclusive Option to License its technologies nearly one year earlier than EPGL expected.
Continue to monitor the news about EPGL in the coming weeks and months ahead closely.