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EPHEphesians (bible)
EPHEnvironmental and Public Health
EPHEphrata (Amtrak station code; Ephrata, GA)
EPHEvidence for Public Health
EPHÉlectronique et Physique (French: Electronics and Physics)
EPHEtablissement Public Hospitalier (French: Public Hopitalization Establishment)
EPHExtractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
EPHEpidemiology and Public Health (department in medical schools)
EPHÉcole du Paysage et de l'Horticulture (French: Landscape and Horticulture School)
EPHEmails per Hour
EPHEnergy Pattern Healing
EPHElectronic Pearl Harbor
EPHEpisodic Paroxysmal Hemicrania
EPHEmballages Plastiques d'Heudreville (French plastic packaging company)
EPHÉvolution et Potentiels Humains (French: Evolution and Human Potential)
EPHElectronic Payment Handling (banking)
EPHElderly Peoples Home
EPHÉtude et Protection de l'Habitat (French: Study and Protection of Habitat)
EPHEtablissement Public de l'Habitat
EPHEarliest Possible Harvest
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EPH practitioners have worked with clients and partners within public health and in social services, education, local government planning and transportation on BE initiatives (Table 1), including advocacy for and implementation and evaluation of BE policies and interventions, and participation in community consultation processes.
The main indications for EPH have changed since 1980's, uterine atony and rupture have been overtaken by abnormal placentation in many studies.
Eph after all said early in our courtship days, "You know, you look exotic and Dravidian." This, after admitting that when he was a scholar in India, he had been attracted and romantically linked to an Indian classmate.
It is located in North Yorkshire and employs around 300 people on full-time contracts, EPH said.A
Besides novel studies to date dedicated to characterize functions of Eph receptors in cancer, the complexities associated with their role necessitates more elaborate understanding of their contribution to tumor biology in order to properly target and fully exploit their tumor suppressive behavior in cancer treatment.
(Table 2).Out of the four cases who underwent EPH for atonic uterus, 1 (25%) had extension of cervical tears during instrumental delivery, 1 (25%) extension of tears laterally involving uterine vessels during cesarean section, 2 (50%) referred as abruption with intrauterine death.
* EPH plays a significant role with Domain 2 (investigations), Domain 5 (policies and plans, including emergency preparedness), and Domain 6 (enforcement).
The airflow of the EPH was through a planar slot with the exhaust fan installed in the side wall whilst that of the CPH was made possible by a 1 foot air fan (050 cm) (Figure 1, Table 1).
The EPH assays were run using the Beckman Paragon system with SPEP-II gels (Beckman Coulter), Sebia Hydrasys system with Hydragel 7 Protein(e) gels (Sebia Inc), and the Helena SPIFE 3000 system with Split Beta gels (Helena Laboratories).
When they decreased the Eph receptor level in the worm, the PTEN levels went up and the worm lived longer than normal.
By faith we grasp the promises of God and make them our own, "for by grace ye are saved through faith and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works lest any man should boast" (Eph.2.8).
Am I right in remembering that the brothers Doug and Eph Smith once won all six races between them at a Kempton Easter meeting?