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EPHAEuropean Public Health Alliance
EPHAEuropean Public Health Association (Belgium)
EPHAEnvironmental Public Health Act
EPHAEdinburgh Principal Hotels Association (Scotland, UK)
EPHAEstes Park Housing Authority
EPHAEmergency Planning Hazards Assessment
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(5) For instance, EPHA works with health training institutions in the country for enhancing training in health research.
Stimulation of EphA receptors was shown to cause morphologic changes in tumor cells, such as rounding and detachment (12); on the other hand, ligand signaling enhanced integrin-dependent attachment and migration potential (13).
Snow and several EPHA members had just returned from the summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and they were energized by the professionalism displayed there by environmental health professionals from around the world.
According to Tamco vice Chairman Epha Maina, a gospel artiste, the building will be six storeyed and will have a recording studio on the ground floor.
class="MsoNormalSECURITY SCREENING class="MsoNormalAmong the musicians in attendance were Epha Maina, Musaimo wa Njeri, Ken wa Maria, Mburu wa Wanja, Peter Kigia, Gachathi wa Thuo, Kamande wa Kioi, Ben Githae, Loise Kim and Shiru wa GP.
The Eph receptor family is comprised of two subclasses, EphA (EphA1-10) and EphB (EphB1-6) [155].
Mulugeta, "Socio demographic characteristics, sexual behavior, and reasons for attending VCT service at Bethzatha VCT project," EPHA Abstract 5, 2003.
Klein, "Genetic evidence for a contribution of EphA:EphrinA reverse signaling to motor axon guidance," The Journal of Neuroscience, vol.
(1) Statement by Cancer Research UK, CNCT, CPME, ECL, EHN, EPHA, ERS and the Smokefree Partnership
Europe's consumer federation BEUC, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the Association International de la Mutualite want it transferred to the DG for health and consumer affairs.
A study published by the Epidemiology Hazard Analysis (EPHA) in 1990 suggests that nine out of 10 serious injuries may be attributed to falls onto playground surfaces (5).
He said it is important to safeguard the future of the children and urged more well-wishers to support them through Tamco's vice chairperson Epha Maina.