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Besides, a father confessor should be elderly, it is not at all the role for a young man.
I felt humble and contrite, and was aware of a sweet feeling that Ernest was a sort of father confessor.
The next night there happened a similar accident with a similar result; and then the next -- and then again the next; so that, in the end, the good monarch, having been unavoidably deprived of all opportunity to keep his vow during a period of no less than one thousand and one nights, either forgets it altogether by the expiration of this time, or gets himself absolved of it in the regular way, or (what is more probable) breaks it outright, as well as the head of his father confessor.
We take a less gloomy view of our errors now our father confessor listens to us over his egg and coffee.
Wolfert had long been sorely oppressed in mind by the golden secret, and as a family physician is a kind of father confessor, he was glad of any opportunity of unburdening himself.