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EPHTEnvironmental Public Health Tracking (CDC)
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To this end, DHS plans to use this grant mechanism to: 1) Promote use of the Profiles and/or WI EPHT public data portal as a resource for: a.
Our study compared associations between the HVI and daily rates of morbidity and mortality on abnormally hot days and other days in five states that joined the Academic Center of Excellence research project being run by UCB as part of the EPHT Network.
During spring and summer 2013, data from the Missouri EPHT public portal metadata bank (MDHSS, 2002) and the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Web site (MSDIS, 2011) were collected and analyzed.
Further research using Missouri EPHT is recommended as it may lead to other actions or expanded conditions to control environmentally related diseases such as lead poisoning (MDHSS, 2002).
As part of this coordinated network to develop tools and methods, a partnership between the EPHT network and the SAHSU was initiated in 2005.
In EPHT to date, the CDC has emphasized pilot projects to electronically link data and development of specifications for improved systems for the electronic communication and use of data, consistent with broader efforts to modernize public health information systems (IOM 2003; Kufafka et al.
The CDC vision for the EPHT program is to improve protection of communities from adverse health effects through the integration of public health and environmental information systems.
In one state the counterterrorism program provided equipment and training and the EPHT program provided funding for some analyses.
Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is leading an initiative to build a national EPHT network that will meld data from these three components into a network of standardized electronic data systems and will provide valid scientific information on environmental exposures and adverse health conditions and the possible spatial and temporal relations between them.
As a part of its CDC-funded EPHT program, the MDPH has begun addressing these issues.
Susan Jerles, IAQ, EPHT, and Land Use Planning Project Specialist, Research and Development, sjerles@neha.