EPHTNEnvironmental Public Health Tracking Network
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Table 2 displays the environmental, population, and health outcome data systems that are under evaluation for inclusion and linkage in the EPHTN IDR.
An EPHTN program meeting the PHIN requirements is only possible by combining multiple funding sources that support public health information technology.
Wisconsin's EPHTN childhood cancer pilot PAM has established a PHIN-compatible framework to track the environmental causes of disease.
Although this detailed environmental monitoring activity is outside of the project scope largely because of funding, the EPHTN PAM is positioned to integrate these kinds of measures because it can accept laboratory result messaging.
Exposure data represent the largest data gap for EPHTN.
Table 1 lists additional limitations in using HOD for EPHTN.
The EPHTN is developing a framework to assess the impact of environmental agents on human health that will begin to fill in the "environmental health gap" described in the Pew Environmental Health Commission (2000) report.