EPIBExecutive Program in International Business (various institutions)
EPIBEmergency Position Indicating Buoy
EPIBEnvironmental Policy, Institutions and Behaviors (Rutgers University)
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Good separation was achieved for some of the prenylflavonoid glycosides (e.g., EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and icariin), but the matrix effect of icaritin was >50%.
Two distinct pharmacokinetic patterns for the detected compounds emerged an early phase, wherein the Tmax (time after drug administration to reach maximum plasma concentration) values of five compounds (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, Baoi, and M5, the glucuronide conjugate of Baoi) were all <1 h, and a late phase, wherein the icaritin-derived glucuronide conjugates (M6-M8) reached their highest concentrations at 8-16 h.
The time-concentration curves of EpiA, EpiB, and EpiC exhibited peaks at 0.75, 0.08, and 0.08 h, respectively, with [C.sub.max] (maximum concentration after dosing) values of 19.4,8.1, and 4.2 ng/ml, respectively (Fig.
Deglycosylated metabolites (SagA, SagB, and 2"-rha-icaII) produced by direct hydrolysis of prenylflavonoid triglycosides (i.e., EpiA, EpiB, and EpiC) at the 7-0 position were only detected at certain time points.
Among the five active prenylflavonoid prototypes (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, icariin, and BaoI) and the five deglycosylated metabolites (SagA, SagB, 2"-rha-icaII, IcaI, and icaritin), icaritin was the only compound to exist in hydrolyzed plasma after the administration of the five prototypes.
EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and BaoI concentrations in hydrolyzed plasma reached 3-10 ng/ml within 0.3-1.6 h after EWH extract administration.
Collectively, our analyses reduced the number of potential pharmacokinetic markers in hydrolyzed plasma to five: four prototypes with rapid-elimination (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and BaoI), representative of intestinal absorption, and one icaritin, whose elimination profile was representative of systemic prenylflavonoid exposure.
As described in the previous section, ten potential pharmacokinetic markers were condensed to four prototypes (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and BaoI) and one deglycosylated metabolite (icaritin) in hydrolyzed plasma.
Similar results were obtained after oral administration of EpiB (Fig.
Given the overwhelming abundance, the coexistence in hydrolyzed plasma after the administration of EWH-derived materials, and the correlation of multiple icaritin metabolites, icaritin attracted more attention than EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and BaoI as a potential pharmacokinetic marker.
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