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EPICElectronic Privacy Information Center
EPICElderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (NY state program)
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (HP/Intel)
EPICEclipse Plugin Central
EPICElectronic Publication(s) Information System
EPICEtablissement Public à Caractère Industriel et Commercial (French)
EPICEl Paso Intelligence Center
EPICÉtablissement Public Industriel et Commercial (French: Industrial and Commercial Public Establishment)
EPICEuropean Photon Imaging Camera (X-ray Multi-Mirror space telescope)
EPICEducation for Peace in Iraq Center
EPICEnvironmental Protection Information Center
EPICEvolving Personalized Information Construct (Sloan and Matt Thompson)
EPICEnd Poverty In California
EPICEthanol Promotion and Information Council
EPICErosion Productivity Impact Calculator (widely used computerized mechanistic crop model)
EPICEpidemiology and Prevention for Injury Control
EPICEvidence Photographers International Council
EPICElectronic Picture(s)
EPICESOH (Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health) Program Integration Committee
EPICEmbedded Platform for Industrial Computing
EPICEnvironment and Plastics Industry Council (Canada)
EPICEngaging People in Cyberinfrastructure
EPICEdora Pool Ice Center (Fort Collins, CO)
EPICEducational Program Innovations Center
EPICEffective Practice Incentive Community (Memphis, TN)
EPICEnvironmental Photographic Interpretation Center
EPICExpanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite
EPICExemplary Public Interest Contribution (award)
EPICExecutive-Process/Interactive Control
EPICEvery Person Influences Children, Inc.
EPICEnvironmental Prevention in Communities (Berkeley, California)
EPICElectric Powered Interurban Commuter (DaimlerChrysler)
EPICEngineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning
EPICEx Police in Industry and Commerce
EPICEfficient Pyramid Image Coder
EPICEuropean Public-Sector Information-Systems Conference
EPICEnhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS (Texas Instruments)
EPICEdison Polymer Innovation Corporation
EPICEmory Public Interest Committee
EPICExperiential, Participatory, Image-rich and Connective
EPICEnterprise Process Improvement Collaboration
EPICExceptional People Impacting the Community
EPICEmergency Public Information Centre (SIngapore)
EPICExchange Price Information Computer (UK)
EPICEmergency Preparedness and Injury Control (US DHS)
EPICElectronic Portable Information Collection
EPICEmergency Preparedness Integrated Communications
EPICElectronic Preassembly Integration on CATIA
EPICEuropean Privatization and Investment Corporation
EPICEmbedded Programmable Interrupt Controller
EPICEngineering Process Improvement Center
EPICExperimental Image Compression
EPICEngineer, Procure, Install, Commission (oilfield type of contract)
EPICEffective Practice Integration Council
EPICEquatorial Pacific Information Collection
EPICEvaluation of Practice in Care
EPICEnvironmental Process Improvement Center (USAF)
EPICEngineering Physics Information Center (ORNL)
EPICElectrically Powered Indoor Wheelchairs
EPICExtended Programmable Input/Output Controller
EPICEuropean Parallel Importers Coalition
EPICEmergency Preparedness Interaction Center
EPICEthernet Port Interface Controller
EPICEmergency Performance Improvement Committee
EPICEngineering Planning, Integration, and Coordination
EPICEstes Park Improvement Contribution
EPICExposure, Permeability, Impact, Criticality (software error effects)
EPICElastic-Plastic Impact Computations (computer program)
EPICEvolutionary Process for the Integration of COTS-Based Systems
EPICElite Para Insertion Corps (gaming clan)
EPICEarthquake, Preparedness and Incident Conference
EPICElectronic Procurement Information Console
EPICEstes Park Indoor Climbing
EPICEmployees, Players, Inventory, Cash
EPICExtraordinary People Impacting Community (various organizations)
EPICEthnographic Praxis in Industry Conference
EPICEnergy Policy International Club (New York University)
EPICCenter for Emergency Management, Policy, Information Technology and Communications (Virginia Beach, VA)
EPICElectric Potential Integrated Circuit (Plessey Semiconductors)
EPICElite Pros in Coalition (online gaming clan)
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In regard to the Iliad, we have, if not positive proof, at least very good reason for believing it intended as a series of lyrics; but, granting the epic intention, I can say only that the work is based in an imperfect sense of art.
If, by "sustained effort," any little gentleman has accomplished an epic,
Milton says that the lyric poet may drink wine and live generously, but the epic poet, he who shall sing of the gods and their descent unto men, must drink water out of a wooden bowl.
Many Theresas have been born who found for themselves no epic life wherein there was a constant unfolding of far-resonant action; perhaps only a life of mistakes, the offspring of a certain spiritual grandeur ill-matched with the meanness of opportunity; perhaps a tragic failure which found no sacred poet and sank unwept into oblivion.
But he himself remained alone, a silent, spellbound, fascinated witness of this epic of slaughter and ruin.
When I think of the play of force and matter, and all the tremendous struggle of it, I feel as if I could write an epic on the grass.
Backward beyond the beginning of this via dolorosa--this epic of suffering with episodes of sin--I see nothing clearly; it comes out of a cloud.
For it is not only the oldest epic poem in the Anglo-Saxon language, it is history too.
The early Greek epic -- that is, poetry as a natural and popular, and not (as it became later) an artificial and academic literary form -- passed through the usual three phases, of development, of maturity, and of decline.
Out of the popular ballads, or, chiefly, of the minstrel poetry which is partly based on them, regularly develops epic poetry.
A good ballad draws my ear and heart whilst I listen, as much as an epic has done before.
I wrote, I wrote everything--ponderous essays, scientific and sociological short stories, humorous verse, verse of all sorts from triolets and sonnets to blank verse tragedy and elephantine epics in Spenserian stanzas.