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EPICISTEfficient, Programmable and Interchangeable Code Infrastructure for Symbols and Texts
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This declaration of his fragility goes on to speak the most delicate assertion of his poetry: "The epicists have falcons, and I have /The Collar of the Dove," the wings of love that would return him to Akko's port, as he had mentioned in an earlier poem, "Ivory Combs," where his "mother had lost her handkerchiefs"; or maybe it is as he retells it in Mural: "I might /add the description of Akko to the story / the oldest beautiful city / the loveliest old city / a stone box / where the dead and the living move / in its clay as if in a captive beehive.
Today the story has spread globally, for Osama and his fellow epicists have turned to the internet to narrate it.
The Imperial Muse, II: Flavian Epicists to Claudian, Bendigo, Vic.