EPIDEvery Page Is Different (printing)
EPIDEnd Point Id
EPIDEnhanced Privacy ID (cryptographic scheme)
EPIDElectronic Portal Imaging Device (radiotherapy)
EPIDElvis Perkins in Dearland (band)
EPIDElectrophoretic Image Display (electrical engineering)
EPIDEvery Person Is Different
EPIDExtended Pan (Pan-Access Network) ID (Identification; computing)
EPIDEnhanced Proportional Integral Derivative
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Se incluyeron 52 articulos, despues de excluir aquellos en que coexistian EPID e HTP asi como los que se refirieran a EPID en el contexto de enfermedad del tejido conectivo no limitada a ES.
Wang F and Yang SS found imaging of head and neck was more accurate than breast and pelvic cavity by electronic portal image device (EPID) and comparing that with standard imaging in horizontal and vertical direction.6 Xia TY reported that, average error of fixed setup of head and neck neoplasm was (2.470.96) mm.7
"Collaborating with Intel to integrate its proven Intel EPID technology demonstrates Microchip's steadfast commitment to providing the very best IoT solutions, by working to enable designers with the safe and secure interoperation of their 'things' with Intel's devices, gateways, and servers."
Intel's EPID scheme is another example of pairings being used commercially.
For students of Latin language and literature, Newlands presents selections from the love elegies Amores ad Heroides, the didactic elegy Ars Amatoria, the epid Metamorphoses, the aetiological elegy Fausti, and his exile poems Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto.
The Lands DFE will support all job dynamics including static, VDP (Variable Data Printing) and EPID (Every Page Is Different) printing.
The Landa DFE will support all job dynamics including static, VDP (Variable Data-Printing) and EPID (Every Page Is Different) printing.
Another system (Vero, BrainLAB) consists of a gimbaled X-ray treatment head mounted on an O-ring with two KV X-ray tubes, two flat panel detectors, and an EPID.
D B Garone, (1) BSc (ID), MD; K Conradie, (1) MD; G Patten, (1) BSc, MSc Epid; M Cornel (1,3) MPH; E Goemaere, (2,3) MD, DSc, PhD; J Kunene, (4) MD; B Kerschberger, (1) MD, MPH; N Ford, (3-5) MD, MPH, PhD; A Boulle, (3) MB ChB, MSc, FCPHM, PhD; G van Cutsem, (1-3) MD, DTM&H, MPH
I 96.2); de los "tipos" de tratamientos o terapias: [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] (De Arte 6.4); de los distintos "tipos" constitucionales del ser humano: [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] (Epid. 3.14.1), y de cosas que no pueden ser clasificadas: [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] (Hebd.
(9.) Reith DM, Dawson AH, Epid D, Whyte IM, Buckley NA, Sayer GP.