EPIDOSEuropean Patent Information and Documentation Systems
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Markers of Bone resorption predict hip fracture in elderly women: the EPIDOS prospective study Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 1996; 11:1531-1539
at EPIDOS, things were introduced that we didn't even discuss or know of at the September meeting.
A joint European Commission - European Patent Office (EPO) "PATINNOVA / EPIDOS 2001" event will address patent-related issues in the digital economy: 600 professionals from the world of patents, innovation and information brokerage will gather from October 15 to 18 in Cardiff, Wales.
Ultrasonographic heel measurements to predict hip fracture in elderly women: The EPIDOS prospective study.
Separate and combined value of bone mass and gait speed measurements in screening for hip fracture risk: results from the EPIDOS study.
In the recently published, two-year, 484 subject, EPIDOS study on the use of bone markers for the prediction of hip fractures, Cross-Lapp( was the only one of five markers tested to be a significant predictor of hip fracture after correction of variables.
In the EPIDOS cohort, a large prospective study of elderly women, we found that serum automated-CTX measured in the morning in nonfasting subjects was not predictive of hip fracture risk (39).
In EPIDOS (67), the combination of low hip BMD and high resorption marker concentration gave greater predictive value for hip fracture than either risk factor alone.
1] Nonstandard abbreviafions: TRAP, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase; Pyr, pyridinoline; Dpd, deoxypyridinoline; NTx, N-telopeptide; CTx, C-telopepfide; BAP, bone alkaline phosphatase; GLA, glutamic acid; PIMP, procollagen 1 N-terminal extension pepfide; PICP, procollagen 1 C-terminal extension pepfide; PEPI, Postmenopausal Estrogen-Progestin Intervenfion; EPIDOS, Epidemiologie de L'osteoporose; and BMD, bone mineral density.