EPIFEffects of Pesticides in the Field (publication)
EPIFEffective Practice Incentive Fund (Washington, DC)
EPIFEmployment Policies Institute Foundation
EPIFEco-Product International Fair
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EPIF runs four regulated district heating networks in the Czech Republic.
This investment in EPIF provides investors with a well-diversified portfolio of regulated and contracted critical infrastructure assets in two of Europes dynamic economies, said Martin Stanley, global head of MIRA.
EPIF provide opportunities to explore business collaborations and promote awareness of environment friendly products and services.
The EPIF network processor is ideally suited to provide the underlying software-programmable packet processing features required in next generation SONET/SDH optical access networks.
EPIF also owns a regulated gas network and a power distribution network in Slovakia.
EPIFs largest investment is in Eustream, the sole gas transmission network in Slovakia and a strategic part of the European gas transmission network, connecting Ukraine in the east to Czech Republic and Austria in the west as well as providing interconnection with neighbouring countries.
The EPIF 2011 is expected to provide sales opportunities with global eco-product producers and potential ideas for innovative green entrepreneurs; benefit society to get awareness and knowledge to identify and use eco products/services in day to day life; help government in devising/formulating schemes and policies to promote use of clean and green technologies.
Epson was awarded an International Green Classics Award (Green Product Award) by the organizers of EPIF in recognition of the significantly lower environmental impact of this product.