EPIGEstrada Parque Indústrias Gráficas (Portuguese: Park Road Graphic Industries; Brazil)
EPIGEnsemble pour les Indiens du Guatemala (French: Together for the Indians of Guatemala)
EPIGExtracting Patterns and Identifying Co-Expressed Genes (biomedicine)
EPIGEcole Pascal d'Informatique et de Gestion (French: Pascale School of Computer Science and Management)
EPIGEasy Peasy Image Gallery (software)
EPIGEnergy Process Integrity Gauge
EPIGEscuela Politécnica de Ingeniería de Gijón (Spanish: Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón; Gijón, Spain)
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(xxx) epig.(NS) (Ind./[m.sup.2]) (Ind./[m.sup.2]) 3,00 0,40 0,707 0,548 4,60 0,00 El Madher (sites 2,074 0,000 irrigated by 2,40 0,00 wastewaters 1,140 0,000 downstream of 28,00 2,00 El Gourzi effluent) 21,319 3,464 19,80 0,00 7,014 0,000 15,40 0,80 5,320 1,789 Ouled Si Slimane 0,60 0,00 (sites irrigated by 0,894 0,000 natural water of El 0,60 0,00 Kochbi effluent) 1,342 0,000 0,00 0,20 0,000 0,447 Ranges values (site) S4 S4 S9 S9 ANOVA results 8 8 8,68 1,27 0.000 0.287 Abd.
Tests compared the characteristics of EPIG deposits with ENEPIG deposits.
EPIG expected personal income gain ECFRD expected change in family's relative deprivation [PSTD.sub.J] probability of successful travel to destination j.
In partnership with CityWheels, a Cleveland-based, car-sharing organization, the college's Environmental Policy Implementation Group (EPIG) has brought two new vehicles to campus and made them available for rental by students, faculty and staff members, and residents of the community.
Epig. 74, (1988), 84) as [tau]o[upsilon] ~[iota][eta]([sigma]o) [upsilon] [tau][eta][sigma] / [epsilon][micro][eta][sigma] [pi][alpha][rho][alpha][phi][upsilon][lambda] [alpha][kappa][eta][sigma] [chi][alpha]/[rho][iota][nu] thus removing any reference to ~Light'.
Mae llywodraeth Cymru ddigon parod i wario miliynnau i holi 'beth yw eich epig?', ond heb syniad sut mae'n effeithio ar isadeiledd a'r cymunedau sy'n derbyn y twristiaid yma.
IAU:Y Siambr, S4C, 8.00 Y gem danddaearol gyntaf erioed gyda dau dim yn brwydro dros gyfres o heriau epig sy'n herio pobl gyffredin mewn lleoliad anghyffredin yng nghrombil y ddaear.
In addition to via fill and ENIG, UIC supplies board shops with ENEPIG and EPIG, electroless copper, direct metallization for higher aspect ratios, and high throw acid coppers.
Dwi wedi gorffen Tudur Owen, Elinor Bennet a dwi ar ganol epig Alan Llwyd, 'Kate', ar hyn o bryd.